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3 Effective Ways to Dispose of Old Office Equipment

The last couple of years have had some of the most astounding profits for many companies: so many are seeing it as a time to upgrade and change everything they need to.  

Whether you’re getting rid of old office equipment so that you can replace all of it, or it’s obsolete, and you have no use for it at all: don’t just throw things in the trash.  

Why Not Just Sell Things Off?

Many may think the obvious answer is to sell off anything that you don’t want: but this is complicated when you own a company.  Not only would you have to deal with how to categorize that income, but you’ll also have to track how much every single item sold for and have receipts.

Instead of dealing with that, you should consider donating it so that you can write it off.  The three following options don’t bring a direct income to the business, but they do make it so that companies can count them as donations or use them to improve employee morale.

Donate to Local Second Hand Stores

Donating to second-hand stores is by far the easiest option.  Many will offer to pick up for large orders, and others work to ensure everything is categorized so that you can get the tax write-off you want.

On top of this, when you donate to a second-hand store with a good cause, you can often help small businesses and individuals further their abilities and options with a simple donation.  This is a great way to ensure your community is benefitting simply by having you in it.

Recycle Any Electronics

Electronics can be tricky to donate or trash: so consider e-waste recycling instead.  This type of recycling takes everything from computers, to phones, to tablets: and ensures that these devices have a continued life even if they don’t work when you send them in for recycling.

Every electronic device is made of parts that can be reused and recycled, allowing them to pass from owner to owner dozens of times before they fully lose functionality.  This is the best way to ensure you’re helping the company you work for.

Allow Employees to Pick Things Out

If you have some older electronics, and you want to improve employee morale, it might be a good idea to consider asking high-success rated employees if they need any of these devices.  A tablet, or computer, can help someone’s kid in school, and a company phone can help employee morale.  Although there’s no tax write-off for this, giving employees a reason to think positively about your company is important to ensure that they’ll want to continue working and giving back to it.  This is a small price to pay for their loyalty to the job.

Every Office Discards Things Differently

Although there are complications in selling things, discarding them shouldn’t be hard!  Donating is the best way to help your company get rid of clutter and help with taxes in the long run.  Consider being mindful the next time your company has to replace items and machinery.

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