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5 Bodily Signs Of Nutrient Deficiency That You Might Be Ignoring

There are several advantages to eating a healthy, balanced diet. Contrarily, a diet deficient in nutrients may result in several unpleasant symptoms. You often browse through supplements like those from Viridian and do not know what your body indeed requires.

While most nutrients may be obtained via a balanced diet, the typical Western diet lacks several crucial elements. f95zoneusa Nutrient shortages can also cause diseases.

The first sign that you are deficient in one or more essential vitamins or minerals is typically the appearance of visible bodily tell-tale symptoms. Here are the most common nutrients and how to tell if you are deficient in them!

The B vitamins

B vitamins are crucial for maintaining healthy cell activity in the body. Look for the following symptoms on your body – cracked skin on the heels of your feet, cracked corners of your mouth, bloodshot eyes and mouth ulcers. If you have these symptoms, you are likely deficient in vitamin B2.

If you see horizontal lines on your nails, especially the thumb, chances are that you are vitamin B1 deficient. If you see your nails discolouring into a brown colour, this indicates a deficiency of vitamin B12.

Redness of cheeks, forehead and chin could be an indication of deficiency of vitamin B6.

The deficiency of B vitamins is prevalent and is linked to hair, skin and digestive system problems. Including leafier foods and meat can give your body the needed vitamin dose.

Iron and hemoglobin

If you notice your skin, nails and lips looking dull and growing pale, you might want to check your iron levels. Since iron Is vital in the production of blood, a deficiency in them reduces blood flow and makes you anemic.

Pomegranates, apples, carrots, corn, chicken liver, and beetroots can help your body with the necessary iron.


A dead giveaway of zinc deficiency is white spots and specks on your nails. Zinc deficiency affects both men and women adversely. Zinc in men produces testosterone, so zinc deficiency can cause lethargy, low muscle mass, and even losing the beard! Zinc is vital for women, especially pregnant women.  f95zone

Increasing your nuts, like almonds, seeds, grains, and lentils will help increase your zinc levels. You might have to cut down on refined flour desserts like cakes and pastries. Including balanced zinc complex supplements like the one from Viridian will also help nourish your body with the right amount of zinc.


Hearing your knee crack and pop when you walk down the stairs may not be alarming, but this is a sign of calcium deficiency. It is a no-brainer that calcium is vital in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Low calcium over time can cause arthritis and prove fatal. Including dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, and even peanut butter can prevent further popping noises!

Vitamin D

If you often suffer from joint pains and muscle weakness, you likely have a vitamin D deficiency. Getting enough sunlight, soy milk and cereals will aid in increasing your vitamin D intake.

Summing up

Your body uses many symptoms to alert you to possible vitamin and mineral shortages. By identifying them, you can modify your diet accordingly and include the necessary supplements like those from Viridian. f95forum

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