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5 Different Couple Sports You Should Try At Least Once

It takes two to tango, but if dancing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of couple sports you can take part in together instead.

And according to psychologists, couples who sweat together stay together. This is thanks to the way that enjoying adrenaline-fueled activities with your partner increases relationship happiness and emotional bonds, as well as both your fitness levels.

But what kinds of couple sports ideas should you consider? Here are our top suggestions for fun things to do with your partner!

1. Tennis

A friendly game of tennis is one of the best sports for couples out there. You could try playing against each other or even join forces on the same team as part of a mixed doubles match with another couple.

One thing to be aware of, however, is that you might love your partner but not their tennis game. If you find out that you’ve coupled up with an annoying tennis pusher, these tips should help you beat them once and for all.

2. Canoeing

If you’ve ever looked for fun things to do for couples while on vacation, you will have likely come across the possibility of going canoeing. But there’s no need to reserve this activity for vacations! If you live near a body of water, taking your canoe out for a spin is a great way to experience the beauty of nature together and get a workout in at the same time!

3. Boxing

Looking for sports for couples that are a bit more hot and heavy? If so, boxing could be perfect for you and your partner!

Boxing is great for relieving stress and building muscle strength and endurance. The best approach is to take turns blocking each other’s punches, jabs, and even kicks with padded target mitts and shields. Trust us, nothing builds intimacy like blowing off some steam with your special someone!

4. Running

If you want to try running with your partner, this is the easiest of all sports for couples to get into. All you need is a good pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.

While adapting to your partner’s pace might be tricky at first, it doesn’t get much better than enjoying that well-documented runner’s high together!

5. Rock Climbing

Fun outdoor sports for couples don’t get more adrenaline-fueled than a rock-climbing session. That said, we’d recommend that you start with some indoor climbing to build your strength, practice your foot placement, and improve your grip. Doing this as a couple will also help build trust and mutual responsibility, ensuring a much safer climb when you do venture into the great outdoors.

Couple Sports to Try At Least Once

Have you and your partner ever tried these couple sports together? If not, it’s time to pull your sneakers on and get moving!

You might decide that tennis isn’t for you or that you prefer solo running. But there’s also a good chance that you’ll find a fun new hobby to enjoy together!

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