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6 Hacks to Get Rid of a UTI That Aren’t Just Old Wives’ Tales

That urgent, burning sensation that has you looking for a bathroom around any corner is nearly unmistakable. When it strikes, you have a good idea of what it is. You likely have a urinary tract infection — a common problem usually called a UTI.

Feeling like you need to pee every few minutes can be distracting. Practically the only thing you can think about is making the urge stop. That can lead you to try all sorts of tactics to clear up the infection. Before you start searching the internet for the fastest way to zap the problem, keep reading. Here’s a list of ways to attack a UTI that are proven to be effective.

1. Get a Prescription

There’s no question that some UTIs are worse than others. But they all share one thing in common. They’re caused by bacteria that find their way into your urinary tract. It’s a warm, moist location, so it’s a great spot for the infectious bugs to multiply. That’s bad news for you.

Antibiotics are one of the best ways to combat these bacteria when they set up camp. The great news is that you don’t need to leave the house to get the medication. You can find UTI treatment online. After evaluating your symptoms, a licensed healthcare professional can send a prescription to your favorite pharmacy. Getting meds without having to go to the doctor’s office? That’s a win!

2. Drink More Water

Admittedly, this tactic might sound a bit strange when you have a UTI. When you have an infection, it often hurts to pee. Drinking more water fills your bladder up, setting you up to endure more burning and stinging. Ultimately, though, that can be a good thing.

The more water you guzzle, the easier it is for your body to flush out the bacteria causing the infection. Having more fluid in your bladder makes it harder for the bacteria to stick around. Every glass of water you drink takes more of the bacteria with it every time you use the restroom. So, try to hit at least eight glasses daily. Besides, it’s a great habit for your overall health anyway.

3. Add Cranberries to Your Diet

It’s the holidays, and big meals are right around the corner. Many of these dinners include cranberries. You may be surprised that this tart little fruit can also help you with your bladder battle. This pinky-red berry is packed with vitamins, including vitamin C. That can stop bacteria from hanging on to your urinary tract.

Don’t really like the taste of cranberries? Don’t worry. There are several ways you can add them to your diet. You can find cranberry powder caplets and cranberry supplements on grocery store shelves. If you do like the flavor, try dried cranberries for a sweet snack. If you choose cranberry juice, select the unsweetened kind. It limits the sugar that bacteria need to grow.

4. Pass on Bladder-Irritating Foods

If you have a sensitive stomach, you already know some foods are no-gos. When you have a UTI, the same thing applies. There are certain foods that can irritate your bladder. When you eat them, your symptoms can get worse. It can also take longer for you to heal. So, it’s a good idea to take them off your plate — at least temporarily.

There’s actually a long list of things you should try to avoid when you’re dealing with a UTI. Spicy foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol are on the naughty list for your bladder. To get your urinary tract back on track, focus on high-fiber foods. Oatmeal, nuts, lentils, and bananas can all be powerful soldiers in your bladder battle. Consider enlisting them as soon as you can.

5. Try Probiotics

You’ve probably seen commercials that promote probiotics in yogurt as a way to improve your gut health. The good news is that probiotics offer other health benefits. Specifically, they can be a great wingman to any antibiotics you might take to fight your UTI.

Probiotics help you out in a straightforward way. With UTIs, the bad bacteria take over and start to outnumber the good bacteria. A daily probiotic gives those good bacteria in your body a boost, helping them combat the bad guys. If you use them consistently, you should start to see your symptoms get better. Plus, steady use can help you ward off a repeat infection.

6. Get Loose

No, this doesn’t mean stretching or sitting still for mindful meditation. Both of those would be tough when you’re constantly fighting the urge to pee. Instead, this time it means putting on your loose-fitting clothes. When you wear tight clothes, you increase the moisture down there. That’s a no-no since bacteria love that type of environment. Ultimately, that can quickly turn a mild UTI into a severe one.

Drying things out a bit is the best thing you can do. If you have loose sweatpants or jeans, wear them. Pick cotton or cotton-lined underwear. All these items will contribute to a healthier environment for you. Your symptoms could improve, and you’ll likely feel better.

When you have a UTI, getting rid of it is probably your top priority. The quicker you can clear it up, the better. You must be sure you’re doing it in a healthy, safe way, though. The next time one of these infections strikes, give these tips a try. They could help you avoid repeated trips to the bathroom.

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