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7 Facts About Team Productivity and Cost Savings You Didn’t Know an ATS Improves

Your employees make or break your business. And as an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a rich environment that can contribute to their growth and productivity. However, like many organizations, employers often forget to count their hiring and recruitment team in this equation, resulting in things going down in a spiral. Think about the number of resumes your hiring team has to screen every day or the number of candidate files they have to organize manually? Now you may be thinking that it falls into their job description, but what if we tell you that there’s a quicker, smarter, and fail proof way to do it? Korn Ferry insights report over $8.5 trillion talent shortage worldwide by 2030 – which means things are going to be more tedious in finding the right match for a position in the following years. You definitely don’t want to add more things on the plate of a recruiter, given the scenario.

That’s where the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) comes in. How does it work? Let’s have a closer look at it all.

#1 Streamlining Recruiting Pipeline

You’d have never guessed that the most difficult part of work that recruiters have isn’t headhunting appropriate candidates – it’s actually the deadline! Imagine having to post an opening online, review resumes, draft replies, manage network databases, schedule interviews, update each candidate’s status, etc. All that work and more repeating every time there’s hiring. No matter the workforce, such tasks can be tiring with increasing chances of human error, as well as distract your team from focusing on things that really matter.

Having an ATS enabled can automate a lot of the manual tasks and direct your team’s efforts in building an effective workforce, engaging environment, and promoting productivity even in the midst of tight deadlines. 

#2 Schedule Callbacks/Interviews

A job posting on any digital platform is followed by a truckload of responses – from resumes to queries. Reviewing, replying, and working out the best ones comes with its own challenges and requires correspondence between the interviewer and the candidates. This presents a unique opportunity to leverage the power of an ATS right from preparing time slots, reverting on email/SMS, etc.

#3 Engage Candidates and Enhance their Experience

Having a positive employer reputation is also a great way to get the best candidates on board. The more streamlined and transparent the recruitment pipeline is, the more will be its impact on overall candidate experience, thus increasing the chances of a good hire. The ATS can also influence how your network perceives your organization by sending them custom, automated emails, messages, etc.

#4 Refining the Productivity Pipeline

Reports suggest that 80% of recruiters believe that ATS solutions can enhance the productivity infrastructure. For example, ATSs provide easy creation and maintenance of tickets, sync calendars, store credentials, etc. And with businesses turning to Data Science and other data-backed solutions, today over 71% of recruiters rely on intelligent systems to process the data. Additionally, they come with several integrated email systems that can collect feedback in no time.  

#5 Unique Employer Branding  

Having an ATS can be the perfect impression maker for all your candidates and the way they interact with you. Having the powerful backing of ATS can transform your careers page and give you command over creating branded, engaging content that encourages and appeals to your network to apply/respond to any openings in your company. 

Final Takeaway

Having an ATS in place can do so much for your recruitment and hiring pipeline, and take out a lot of workload off the shoulders of your recruiters’ team. Additionally, it enhances the overall candidate experience, promotes efficiency, and even creates a brand reputation in the mainstream, giving your company an edge over your competitors. However, a lot of it also depends on the choosing of the right ATS system as per your goals, first. In case you’re new to this, here are some of our suggestions that we believe can help you out:


Built specially for recruiting agencies, this advanced, intuitive ATS does more than just automate tasks. It also comes in different models built for startups, small-medium companies, and enterprises that make it handy for business owners to take the call as per their needs and budget goals. 


Another gamechanger ATS in the tech industry provides a user-friendly interface to optimize your recruitment process, be it for fast-scaling scenarios. They’re sought for their well-crafted features that weigh candidate experience and sheer competitivity over everything else.  


An industry-targetted ATS that comes enabled with AI and a community of 2500+ recruitment professionals to provide guidance and tips, they’re a great way to enter into the realm of possibilities. They also offer a free version for enterprises on trial for the first 10 hires and experience all its features firsthand. 

In case you’re looking for something more than just Applicant Tracking, we’d suggest PYPA. They’re a complete package of talent acquisition tools that centralize every aspect of your hiring process – right from candidate management, centralized messaging, workflow management, to applicant tracking. Created for businesses that work on a collaboration, they’re currently under beta testing and you can get yourself registered for an early release now. Happy hiring to you!

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