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9 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas That You Should Know About

As Australians call it, the’ loo‘ comes in many aesthetics. For example, minimalist interior design has been an ongoing trend where neutrals and a limited number of pieces are greatly appreciated in keeping your place simple yet elegant.

Geometric shapes and small-potted plants positioned in a specific area in your bathroom give off this kind of ambience. It also includes choosing the right bathroom basins in Australia that influences the whole appearance of the room.

Why choose minimalism?

Minimalistic design is as lively as Australia. Claire Doskrill, the creative director of Studio DC, says, “It’s minimal in nature due to our youth as a country.” (Mahtani, 2020). However, it is not only about staying within the standard of what is minimal.

Doskrill discussed that it is blended with nature, and what matters the most is the completeness of the image rather than having a centre of attention.

Since bathrooms are designated areas for cleanliness, it is vital to maintain that impression through its appearance. Keeping a good number of bathroom supplies and furniture organised assures an individual that it is a welcoming and clean space.

Truthfully, a person would doubt the place if there is a lack of space due to unnecessary supplies or ornaments cluttered improperly.

So how does one achieve the right mix of minimalism? Colours, organisation, and shapes are essential traits to keep in mind. These should all complement each other to create a minimalistic look successfully.


Minimalist design is about space. Colour plays a vital role in realising much room in just a tiny area. Neutral colours such as nude, white, black, and grey are preferable to create a bathroom’s colour scheme—varying hues of the same colour balance the appropriate amount of liveliness and neatness.


It would be quite challenging to limit spaces, knowing that there are many vanities and toiletry needs, just like in the kitchen. Luckily, there are innovative ways of storing these items creatively.

One unique suggestion used magazine racks to keep their hair products under the sink. Additionally, they made use of mini drawers to organise makeup and other personal care products.


Appreciate and analyse the presence of shapes in your bathroom. Having the right geometry will be appealing to the eye.

For example, having plants with simple leaves adds a nature-like atmosphere to the room, and it is highly recommended by interior design experts when aiming for a minimalist look. Likewise, adding towel racks does give not only practicality but also a different aesthetic– neat and straightforward.

Art in countertops

Often, the counter of bathrooms appears messy because most of the supplies are cluttered altogether around the sink. So, besides improving one’s organisation game, it’s also time to choose the right basin.

Choosing basins that are the same shape in smaller sizes would give out consistency in design. Whether it is incorporated for a more camouflage effect or lying on top of the counter, keep the basins in simple shapes of rectangles and circles.

For instance, a cylindrical ceramic basin provides an elegant and luxurious to the observer. Nevertheless, it is not too glossy or distracting.

Thus, the texture of furnishings affects the minimalistic appeal of the bathroom. Apart from ceramics, walls or floors made from wood and marble are great examples of a minimalist bathroom.

Australian minimalism is a reflection of the self. It challenges a person’s creativity to achieve such a serene and grand interior design all at once by combining the right colours, shapes, arrangements, and materials. Fortunately, the wide range of services, particularly minimalist bathroom basins in Australia, is leveraged to complete your image of cleanliness and exquisiteness.

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