Sipping on an aged liquor is an art many people are keen on today. Most of them have become collectors of the best alcohol in the market. They visit local stores and converse with the owner to gain information. It allows them to educate themselves and purchase quality alcohol that is hard to find anywhere else. Certain home brands produce fine liquor that locals have easy access to buy. Individuals who wish to expand their collection beyond the limits of their town can visit trustworthy websites and import hard to find bourbon brands.

The best part about expanding the home bar with some classics like Jack Daniel’s Gentleman, Jim Bean or Four Roses is that they make beautiful home decor. When guests walk into the house and take a tour, they spot a well-stocked bar with traditional whiskey and spirits; they understand the homeowner better. Only the classiest individuals will have high-end whiskey and bourbons in their collection. The beautiful glass bottles add a hint of sophistication to the room, hence, making them functional and aesthetic. Many bogus websites lie to their customer base about the quality of their spirits. A few essential points that should be kept in mind while investing in whiskey, marketed as the highest quality, will be explained in the following section.

Tips to keep in mind while bourbon-hunting:

  • Process and duration of ageing: The most trusted bourbon brands create the liquor in barrel casks of good quality wood to prevent premature cracking. Apart from the container itself, the ingredients used like barley, rye and enzymes must be of industry standards. The ageing of the whiskey is performed via the distillation process. Here, the alcohol is stored in the barrel for two years or more. The minimum ageing required to attain a deep woody flavour is two to four years. The ageing period must be stated without fail on the bottle of the liquor. Ageing factor also affects the price of the alcohol as the two are directly proportional. Collectors keen on buying the rarest of bourbons will pay high prices to own whiskey aged for decades.
  • The finish: Whiskey connoisseurs can differentiate between aged and fresh whiskey effortlessly. Certain high-end bourbon brands further age their whiskey in oak barrels beyond the first ageing step. It is to intensify the notes in the liquor when people sip on it. The finish of a spirit is nothing but the aftertaste that lingers post the initial sip. If the musky and intense flavour lasts longer, it has a better finish. Typically the better the finish of the alcohol, the pricier it is. Most collectors buy quality-finished whiskey and sell it to other enthusiasts at a higher resale value. Thus, they make for great future investments. These top-quality spirits are sold at a price as high as $33,000 as the starting price.
  • Distilled in small batches: Many bourbon brands understand the importance of selling liquor made in smaller batches. They produce the alcohol in exceptional-quality oak barrels. It allows manufacturers to dedicate all their effort and time to these batches, resulting in top-quality alcohol production. If multiple barrels are being distilled simultaneously, the focus must be distributed equally, reducing the overall efficiency and quality of the final product. Popular brands like JD (Jack Daniel’s) release limited edition liquor made in smaller batches. These bottles are sold at a higher price than their regular stock of whiskey in the market. It is due to the exclusivity in creating the beauties. It gives them a deeper taste; hence people can sip on small quantities for a longer duration. They can drink the whiskey for many months/ years depending on their average consumption.

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