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All You Want to Know About the WHS RPL Program

If you have work experience relevant to Work Health and Safety (WHS) or even if you wish to start a new one, opting for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program can take your career to new heights. And WHS RPL is a skill assessment program that allows students to use their existing skills, expertise, knowledge and work experience to demonstrate their competency in a particular field.

Suppose you have experience working on a construction site or have studied a course related to it; you can get a Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40110. Similarly, if you have worked in an office environment for several years or have acquired a degree, you can opt for a Diploma in Business Administration BSB50415.

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for the RPL program if:

  • You have studied a part of or completed a course in the same discipline.
  • The credits that will be taken into consideration are- the duration of prior studies, the content of the course, the grades you achieved, institute or organisation you were enrolled. But remember, a duration of fewer than 100 hours will not be considered qualifying.
  • You have a diploma or degree in another discipline that may contribute to your skills in the chosen field.
  • You have significant and relevant work experience in a particular domain. But remember, your experience will be considered for credits only if it contributes to the skills and knowledge required for achieving the desired certification.
  • The value of your credits will not only be based on how long you worked but also on who were your supervisors and their qualifications, the nature of tasks you performed and the diversity of work.
  • You have other pursuits that can be considered a valuable learning experience, membership in clubs, associations or community organisations and volunteering in the relevant discipline.

The 4-Step Process for Enrolling in the Program

If you are interested and eligible to enrol in RPL online courses, you must follow a four-step process. Continue reading and find out what are they.

Step 1: Choose Your Qualification

Browse through the vast selection of courses and choose the one that best suits your career. The registered institutes offer you a brilliant collection of courses to choose from, including Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Graduate Diploma. You can select a particular course in your desired industry among Business, work health and safety, security and risk management, leadership and management, human resources and quality auditing, project management, digital marketing, etc. 

Step 2: Complete a Basic Language Literacy and Numeracy Test

Next, you need to establish your ability to take the online study course by taking a basic language literacy and numeracy test. This language literacy and numeracy assessment are only for individuals who are freshers and are looking to kick start their careers. However, if you have previously completed a related course or have any relevant experience, you can skip this step. 

Step 3: Complete Your Enrollment Form

Next comes filling up your details in the enrollment form and paying the required fee for the online course. This is an important step that requires you to provide your qualifications details and other essential information.

Step 4: Start Studying

After you have completed step 3 and made the respective payments, you are enrolled in the course, and finally, you can start studying online.

WHS RPL is the best way to obtain a nationally recognised qualification without stepping out of your home. So whether you are chasing a promotion or thinking of ways to upskill, or have just graduated and looking to start a new career, this online course plan is a flexible solution to meet your career needs.

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