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An Online People Search Has Never Been This Easy

Social media has forever changed the way we meet and interact with people. Most of us cannot even imagine closing our accounts and going back to the way things were. This is especially true for people search and data search; over the past two decades, Facebook and its siblings have allowed us to track people down, and get a peek into their lives. However, in many cases what we see is a distorted, if not opposite, picture of the truth. So, how can you get reliable data about people? An online people search service is the answer.

Why should I use a people search service?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a people search service; if you meet new people, for friendship and romantic purposes, you should never be quick to believe everything that they say. This is especially true with people that you meet online. With numerous catfishing stories, one can never be too careful with who they let into their lives.

Other cases where you can use a person search service are: to get in touch with past friends, find family members, get in touch with college classmates, find information about potential business partners, and in any other case where you need credible data about people.

What is a people search?

In a nutshell, a people search is a query that is designed to provide you with accurate and official data about people. In the United States, there are “public records” that contain information about people. These records are collected by agencies in every state, and that makes them as credible as can be.

When performing a person search, you get access to public records. The information is such records includes:

  • Age (via birth records)
  • Marital status (via marriage records and divorce records)
  • Mugshots (via arrest records)
  • Aliases
  • Criminal history (via arrest records and criminal records)

And more

How to access public records

There are several methods to accessing public records; the traditional method is contacting agencies that maintain public records, such as police departments, country clerks, and others. You can contact such agencies via US post, email, fax, phone, or in person. Many agencies operate an online people search directory, so you can use that as well. This method is helpful but time-consuming; to get a complete people search report, you will need to contact each agency separately and ask for access to public records.

The easier and much faster way is a person search directory: ProPeopleSearch. This unique website is a public records aggregator. This means that it gathers data from various public records, and puts it into one report. To use the service, you need to put in the name of the person, as well as the state of their residence. The search will begin, and you will receive a report in no time.

You can also use the phone search or address search on ProPeopleSearch. These come in handy when someone gives you a false name, in case you don’t know how to spell a name or there are several people by the same name. In any case, you will get access to accurate and official data that is crucial in an age where people lie left and right.

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