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Awesome Birthday Cake Designs For Kids

A birthday is the most important day to celebrate the womb escape day. Delicious and well-decorated cakes are the best way to bring out love and happiness on such occasions. Fill the life of your little ones with blissful memories from all birthday celebrations with a cake. What makes cakes one of the most essential delicacies for birthday celebrations is that – there is a wide variety of cakes from which to choose. With different options from cake types, designs, flavours, themes, and more! There is something for everyone. Online cake stores are providing a seamless way for buying cakes from the comfort of your home. In this post, we share awesome birthday cakes to surprise your little one at their birthday celebrations.

1. Princess Cake

Make the best impressions on your little princess on her womb escape day with a delicious and well-decorated Princess cake. Some of the most popular princess cakes include ice age themed cakes and more! Check out some of the trending princess cakes on social media platforms and online bakeries.

2. Floral cake

Flowers are fragrant and decorative, which makes them some of the best gifts to express feelings and emotions on anyone. Convey love and happiness for your little ones on their birthdays with floral cakes. Floral cakes are cakes decorated with fondant & cream flower decorations as well as drawings.

3. Cartoon cakes

Kids love watching cartoons. Stun and inspire your little ones on their birthdays with an enticing and delicious cartoon cake. There are many cartoon cake designs from which to choose. Surprise your little ones by treating them with a cake personalised with their favourite cartoon characters. Some of the most popular cartoon cake designs are Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Chotta Bheem, minion, Superman/woman, and many more!

4. Unicorn Cake

Let your little one’s know how much they mean to you on their womb escape date with a unicorn cake. You can have the unicorn cake decorated with the fairy-tale white horse with one horn. There are many cake designing options from which you can choose and also customise to make the dream unicorn cake come to life. You will always be their fairy godmother/father.

5. Rainbow candy cake

Rainbow cakes are some of the best party vibing cakes you can get for your little ones. Bright or vibrant colours are calming and a sign of happiness, which kids love too! Express your love and best wishes to your little ones on their birthdays with a rainbow cake. You can have the cake, fondant layers, and decorations customised with rainbow colours.

6. Photo cake

Photo cakes are some of the most popular and timeless cake ideas for all occasions that will never go out of style. Convey your love and best wishes to your little ones with a personalised birthday photo cake. Make the memories from your loved one’s birthdays with a photo cake. With online bakeries, you do not have to worry about baking and decorating a photo cake. All you simply need to do is have a photo of your loved one, know their favourite cake flavours, and designs.

7. Jungle theme cake

Animal dolls are one of the best ways to teach kids about the creatures found in the jungles and forests. Make lasting impressions on your little ones on their birthdays with lip-smacking and enticing jungle-themed cakes. Some of the animals you can have decorated on the cake are giraffes, lions, elephants, tigers, and monkeys. Check out trending jungle-themed cakes online.

8. Pinata cakes

Pinata cakes are cakes with hidden sweets and other small gift surprises. Some of the most popular sweets to add to the pinata cake are multi-coloured sweets. There is a wide range of pinata cakes from which to choose. Some cakes look normal from the outside, while others are covered in a chocolate shell. With the element of surprise from pinata cakes, take the birthday celebrations a step further.

9. Assorted cupcakes

Sometimes it can be an erroneous task to cut and share the cake with the little ones demanding a cake slice. If you are hosting a large gathering for the little one’s birthday celebrations, then assorted cupcakes are the best solution. Stun your loved one on their birthday with lip-smacking and enticing cupcakes. You can have the cupcakes nicely arranged to create your little one’s age and name. Take the cupcake surprise a step further with colourful sprinkles, chocolate gems, and creams & fondant decorations.

In Conclusion

Now that you know awesome birthday cake designs to surprise your little ones on their womb escape day. Make the best impressions on them by simply availing yourself of an online cake order. Search for a reputable bakery with an online cake order app to help you find the perfect cake and options hassle-free.

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