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Best Astrology Apps for Android Phones

The placement of stars and planets apparently impacts one’s character and fate. If you want to know how this takes place, you would surely get help from an astrology application.

We have made a list of the top-rated astrology apps for Android that you can choose to check your daily horoscope with ease.

1. Astroyogi Astrology

This is one of the most dependable horoscope/astrology apps on the list. It provides its users with opportunities to speak to online astrologer experts, as well Vastu experts, numerologists, tarot readers, and psychic readers who are highly qualified. Download this app on your android mobile phone and enjoy services like Kundli matching, horoscope matching, astrological remedies, and many more.

2. Nebula

This horoscope application lets you keep a check on the day-to-day, monthly, as well as annual readings. The app lets you know about your focus of the day and gives advice on how to lead your personal life and love relations.

The app lets the user access several astrological intel, counting customized calendars on beauty, travel, fitness, home and wellbeing.  In the app, the user can also find a guide to get insights into zodiac signs, planets, palmistry, etc. The app comes with the both free and paid version.

3. The Pattern

In this horoscope application, you can enter your name, date, location, and time of birth, and it’ll show your major in-born attributes. This astrology app breaks down emotional cycles and lets users know when certain attributes will max out in their lives. With this app, you can read a quick analysis or go in-depth with a more comprehensive compatibility analysis. Besides that, you can go through relationship compatibility with individuals not on the platform. All you have to do is provide the details of your loving partner, crush, or friend.  This app is free and available on android.

4. Daily Horoscope

This astrology app allows you to see the user’s weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes displayed in a straightforward format. In addition, it allows access to readings on the basis of the user’s moon signs, compatibility, and Chinese/Druid horoscopes. The compatibility section of the Daily Horoscope application includes business, friendship, relationships, and family aspects. You can turn on day-to-day notifications and personalize the color and font as per your choice. You can get this app on both iOS and Android.

5. Chaturanga Astrology

If you want a substitute for western astrology, you might wish to think about this android application. Chaturanga Astrology is essentially a pocket astrologer that is based on Vedic astrology.

The app requests the user’s birth details, which include time, date, and location of birth. The user can then ask an expert astrologer online in case of any query. These on-call expert astrologers give career advice, romantic direction, and answers to your astrology-related queries. The app is free, but in-app purchases are also available.

6. TimePassages

This android astrologer app gives details regarding natal charts and planetary signs, alongside new transit updates. The planetary placements are mentioned by priority having complete descriptions.

On top of that, the application gives beginner-friendly learning related to planetary movements and how they impact the user’s actions. There is an option to watch the zodiac signs, planets, natal charts, and everyday horoscope of your family members and friends within the app. This astrologer app comes with more info giving explanations on numerous planetary configurations. All the info by the app assists the users in knowing how to construct natal charts for correct astrological readings. This app is available on Android for free. The pro version is available only on iOS.

7. AstrologyZone

AstrologyZone app is hyped as giving correct readings that are easily understandable. It gives comprehensive forecasts based on what the user looks forward to from the month. Along with that, the app proffers somewhat positive day-to-day and per month horoscopes and compatibility charts.

You can even come upon a Learn Astrology section with info related to planets and how they influence your personality attributes. The app presents your forecasts related to numerous aspects of life like relationships, career, and wellbeing. It even lets you check preceding horoscopes as far back as the prior month.

8. Co-star

This application is among the most widespread horoscope apps available on Android phones. The minimalist application requests both birth time and date for building a star chart for the user. It, after that, makes use of these details to provide the users with custom-made astrological readings.

The application states to utilize astrological data from NASA to keep a check on real-time movements of stars and planets to give a correct reading. It makes use of AI or artificial intelligence also for demonstrating hyper-personalized readings.


Horoscope and astrology applications give powerful insights into various aspects of life, including love, money, marriage, and career, on the basis of your date and place of birth. Download the Astroyogi astrology app on your smartphone today to enjoy services like horoscope matching, Kundli matching, and tarot reading.

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