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Can You Wear Contact Lenses if You Have Dry Eyes?

Wearing eyeglasses has always been the go-to solution for people with vision problems. But now, the tides are turning, and many prefer wearing contact lenses to correct problems with their eyesight. The CDC reports that around 45 million people in the US are wearing contact lenses today.

And some of the reasons why people, especially the younger generation, prefer wearing clariti contact lenses is because of the convenience and aesthetics it provides. Contacts eliminate the interference that eyeglasses have toward daily living activities. Wearing them even allows you to play sports minus the stubborn intrusion of external eyewear.

But can anyone wear contact lenses? Can people with dry eyes use them too? Here are some things you need to know about wearing contacts despite your dry eyes.

Use soft contact lenses.

Having dry eyes means your eyes don’t produce enough fluid or make tears properly. Tears are essential in lubricating the eyes for better functioning and comfort. Without these benefits, wearing contact lenses can cause discomfort, such as pain and a gritty feeling in your eye.

But despite having dry eyes, you can still wear contacts. And one of the best options you have is soft contact lenses.

Soft contacts are a lens made from flexible plastic, allowing oxygen to pass through and water-containing hydrogel. These materials keep your eyes moist and comfortable compared to those of regular contact lenses.

Never sleep while wearing your contact lenses.

Sleeping in your contacts prevents sufficient oxygen from getting into your eyes. Because of this, bacteria can collect over it and cause infection, especially to the cornea. In addition, if your eyes don’t get treated promptly, the condition can lead to corneal ulcers.

Moreover, wearing your contact lenses in your sleep further damages your natural tear film and makes your dry eyes even worse.

Remove your contact lenses a couple of hours a day.

Sleeping time is not the only time you should remove your contacts. Your eyes need to breathe and receive oxygen a few hours a day, too.

Letting your eyes be contact-free gives them enough oxygen to stay healthy, as well as absorb nourishment from your natural tears.

Change your contact lenses every day.

When you have dry eyes, it is better to wear disposable contact lenses and a new pair each day. Extending the use of your contacts makes them susceptible to debris build-up and turns them into a breeding ground for germs. It will make matters worse for your eyes.

If you’re using extended-wear contact lenses, make sure you follow the instructions they come with and clean them properly after every use.

Use eye frequently drops to moisten your eyes.

It’s obvious how dry eyes mean your eyes are dry.

So, to keep them moist and comfortable, it is essential to use eye drops. Artificial tears prevent further drying of your eyes that will worsen your condition. Use them frequently and not only when you feel your eyes are dry.

Eyesight problems are troublesome. But wearing glasses to correct your vision can also be a bother. It’s even worse if you have dry eyes.

Thankfully, you have the best optical solution for these problems. When you wear Clariti contact lenses, you can forget about your eye worries and live like your eyesight never bothered you.

As long as you understand how to use contact lenses for your dry eyes properly, you can forget about glasses but still see the world as clear as day.

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