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Can You Wear Floral Print in the Winter?

Have you always wanted to add a touch of floral print fashion to your usual winter garb but were unsure if it’s appropriate to do so?

The lush prints of the season aren’t solely reserved for this time of the year. They add a much-needed pop of color to those grey and dreary days that the coming winter will inevitably bring.

And the good news? Just because there are a few piles of snow outside doesn’t mean you have to switch up your style.

Keep reading to learn more about wearing floral prints in the winter!

How to Wear Winter Floral Prints

Florals for spring may be a given, but what about wearing floral prints in the winter? Though it may seem contradictory, you can do it with these right winter floral styling ideas and tips.

Dark Floral Palette

A dark floral palette is perfect for winter. Try pairing a floral dress with a leather jacket and boots. Or, try a floral shirt with a denim skirt and tights. With a little creativity, you can wear floral print all year round!

Abstract Floral Print

Go for a more abstract print that doesn’t have many summery vibes. This will help take the edge off and make it more appropriate for the colder months.

In particular, a watercolor style floral print can be a beautiful and unexpected pop of color that can show that abstract look. Pair your watercolors style floral print with more winter-appropriate colors like black, gray, or navy to make it work.

Floral Lace

Lace is a beautiful and elegant fabric that can be worn in the winter while still looking appropriate for the season. The best part about floral lace is that you can wear it with just about anything. You can even layer it over a solid color if you want to.

Long Floral Dresses

A long floral dress is an excellent option for a winter event or holiday party. Just add a cardigan or jacket over the top. You can also wear these floral dresses for women with tights and a coat.

Even if the dress is long, don’t forget to wear thick, warm tights to cover your legs. Wearing a pair of opaque tights can help keep you warm while still allowing you to show off your pretty prints.

Add Accessories

You might consider adding some accessories to make it work. A cardigan or scarf in a solid color can help tone down the overall look. Just pair it with some warm boots, so you don’t freeze.

Floral Print For Every Season

Although some may say that floral print is a summer style, with the right pairing, you can wear floral in the winter. Mixing and matching different textures and colors is key to nailing your winter florals look.

Accessorize with a scarf or gloves in a complementary color to add a touch of winter whimsy. So don’t pack away your pretty florals just yet – they can be perfect for cold weather too.

Go ahead and experiment! You might be surprised by the results!

Looking for ways to stay fashionable this winter? Check out our blog often for more ideas and tips!

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