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Career Opportunities After Pursuing UI UX Design Course

Who are UX & UI Designers?

Often referred to as UX Designers, User Experience Designer researches their target audience so as to comprehend their needs, their preferences and accordingly create a convenient, intuitive, efficient, and relevant product that offers a delightful all-around user experience. Besides this, he is also required to conduct usability tests to determine how the target audience will actually interact with the final product and based on their feedback what changes may be required to improve their interface.

Often referred to as UI Designers, User Interface Designer is concerned with navigation by the end customer through a digital product. Navigation can be either Gesture-Based Interface or Graphical User Interface or Voice-Controlled Interface. In addition, UI designer uses typography, icons, colour schemes, buttons that users click, transitions and interface animations, etc. to ensure an eye-catching, visually stimulating aesthetics of a website, app, or video game

While both UI and UX design are diverse, still they are used interchangeably. Thus, on one hand, UX designers are responsible to design the wireframe (blueprint), on the other hand, UI designers, are responsible to bring to life the blueprint (wireframe) by adding visual details to it.

Career Opportunities:

On completion of the UI/UX Design course, the following are some of the career opportunities that you can pursue:

  • User Researcher: He is responsible for getting useful insights into the customer’s mindset by researching and analyzing the mindset, needs as well as wants of the end customer. These findings are then presented to the design team so as to facilitate the better design of the product.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Conduct research, surveys, and user interviews
      • Perform competitive analysis
      • Defining of the user journey
      • Conduct usability tests
  • Visual/Graphic Designer: A Visual Designer is responsible for converting wireframes into engaging designs as per the product’s brand standards basis user experience principles and UX research.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Craft mood boards and draft designs
      • Design aesthetics using beautiful icons, controls, typography, visual effects, colour, graphics, and layout
  • Information Architect: Information Architects are involved in building processes, wireframes, and prototypes.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Presenting information on a website or app
      • How information is displayed as well as organized
      • Flow of information
      • How information interacts as well as engages the user
  • Interaction Designer: They help map out the interactions between the users and the digital products like websites and apps. This includes page transitions, the appearance of buttons and how the menu slides in or out of the screen, etc.
    • Responsibilities

      • Craft user interaction prototypes
      • Comprehend and analyze user’s interaction with products
      • Responsible for elements that users can drag, drop, swipe, and click
  • Usability Analyst: They are responsible for not only analyzing the existing problems but also identifying the probable issues the users can encounter while using the product. They play an ongoing role in the entire lifecycle of the product since their recommendations are responsible for updating the product.
  • Motion Designer: He is responsible for creating a dynamic experience using animated effects.
    • Responsibilities

      • Constructing product motion prototypes
      • Crafting motion graphics, animations, and moving elements
      • Ensuring smooth performance of animations

Thus, join now and enjoy an enriching career in UI/UX design

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