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Different Types Of Commercial Cleaning Services In Australia

Cleaning services are an essential part of any society. Routine cleaning is necessary for maintaining a healthy environment, no matter where you are. When it comes to commercial spaces, like an office, or a high-traffic area, like a church, it is imperative to hire professionals for the job.

Not all cleaning services are the same, though. In fact, different spaces require different cleaning expertise. Also, you need to ask yourself whether you need special window cleaners’ Canberra expertise or a comprehensive commercial cleaning that covers it all.

In dry weather, like Australia, dust can accumulate very quickly. So, regular cleaning becomes an essential part of life. However, to hire the right service, you need to understand the different types of cleaning. To help you with this, we list them below:

Office Cleaning

This is the most common type of commercial cleaning. Businesses must maintain a clean environment to make a good impression on their customers. Simultaneously, protecting the health of employees is also crucial.

A basic office cleaning service usually consists of the following things:

  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping
  • Dusting
  • Trash collecting
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning

Additionally, when you need to hire a commercial cleaning service for your office, ensure they have proper licenses because the Australian government has a specific checklist for the cleaning industry. Also, your cleaning service workers need to undergo an Australian Federal Police checking process.

Carpet and Mat Cleaning

Carpets are very common in Australia, and you can find them in corridors, hospitals, airports, etc. So, it is vital to keep the fabric clean since rugs and carpets accumulate maximum dirt and dust.

With almost 2.7 million people in Australia suffering from asthma, this is a serious concern. However, carpet cleaning service requires a bit different approach. It requires:

  • Shampooing the carpet
  • Drying
  • Steam cleaning

Therefore, it is not surprising that Australia has a $12 billion carpet cleaning industry. You will find many reputed professionals, especially in major cities like Canberra.

Cleaning of Warehouses

One of the perks of living in Australia is the abundance of commercial cleaning services. Apart from standard carpet cleaners and window cleaners in Canberra, you will also find renowned companies for warehouse cleaning. All you need to ensure is to find a service that complies with all given standards.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that all commercial cleaning services must abide by Class 7866 of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC).

Once you find such a service, they can clean your warehouse in the following manner:

  • Stripping and sealing of warehouse floor in preparation for the cleaning
  • Preliminary cleaning for removal of tiny dirt and debris
  • In-depth cleaning of the high areas, like windows, frames, cooling ducts, etc.
  • The dusting of shelves of the industrial warehouse
  • Washing the floor with high-pressure cleaners while considering the floor pressure
  • Disposal of redundant materials and trash cleaning


Irrespective of the commercial space you run, you will always require adequate cleaning. In this, the right cleaning services can help. However, there are too many commercial cleaners in Australia. In a capital city like Canberra, the options can become more overwhelming.

Having adequate knowledge about the different cleaning services and methods will give you the heads up you need. So, the next time you need to hire a commercial cleaner, you can refer to the above list.

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