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Dress Smart, Dress Comfort

The Polo shirt is a classic but essential item of apparel. You can dress this up or down as a classier alternative to the typical T-shirt by adding essential items to compliment it. You may wear it to any event because of its unusual collar, buttons, and airy fabric. Here are the most acceptable ways to wear men’s polo shirts regardless of whether the weather increases or falls.

Polo Shirt Designs

Polo Shirts in Classic Cotton

The earliest article of clothing featuring button-down collars was the traditional polo shirt, which was designed in the late 10th century. This item of clothing transformed menswear as, so why not wear it proudly? The traditional look is necessary for any wardrobe and can be dressed up for casual and sophisticated casual situations.

Polo Shirt with Long Sleeves

Although polo shirts are most often seen in the summer, they are not limited to that season. Long sleeve polo shirts look great as the weather lowers and may be worn differently. The polo is beautiful apparel to wear when you don’t know what to wear. It’s simple to dress up or down and appropriate for any season.

Polo Shirt with Short Sleeves

Show off your muscles in style by wearing a short-sleeve polo shirt. Dress it up with a jacket and loafers, or keep it casual with sneakers and jeans. You may wear this fashionable item in various ways; all you need is a little self-assurance.

Men’s Polo Shirts in Knit

Knitted polo shirts are appropriate for both warmer and colder weather. They have a soft and velvety feel and look excellent when paired with a suede jacket and thin tapered pants to convey that 1950s Hollywood atmosphere.

What Should You Wear With a Polo Shirt?

Sweatpants + Polo Shirt

Wear a polo shirt and sweatpants to seem calm and relaxed. The comfy bottoms instantly give the sophisticated upper half a relaxed air. Finish your appearance with fashionable low-top shoes, a snapback, and a weekend bag. Make sure your clothing is fitting and tidy to prevent seeming sloppy — there’s a delicate line between athleisure and messy.

Shorts + Polo Shirt

When the weather becomes too hot, dress up with a polo shirt and shorts. It’s an effortless ensemble that will have you looking very stylish with denim and chinos. Choose monotone hues for a simplified and classic look, or experiment with a different mix. On casual days, leave the polo untucked and make sure it’s well-fitted.

Blazer + Polo Shirt

A polo shirt and jacket look great together, from a casual dinner with friends to a casual business workday. Try a darker colour combination with formal attire for such events. Try a colourful polo shirt to stand out in the crowd to bring some fun to the mix.

Chinos + Polo Shirt

Chinos are an excellent option for pairing with a polo shirt. Tuck your top half into your trousers to keep your appearance professional and elegant.

How To Put On A Polo Shirt

  • Keeping the top buttons up is a simple technique to achieve a clean look.
  • A polo shirt should not be too tight or too loose, so make sure you can move freely.
  • Tuck your polo top inside your slacks for formal occasions.
  • A blazer may be used to dress up or down a polo shirt.

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