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Drug Rehab Treatment For Women: Get Help

Gender and sexual orientation of individuals can have a huge impact on their abuse of drugs and alcohol. According to various studies, women are much more prone to substance addiction than men, if they continue the abuse, even though men are more likely to use drugs in the first place. Similarly, women also are more likely to get cancer than men from drug abuse. Women are more likely than males to overdose on drugs and to relapse when in recovery, so drug rehab Austin can help women achieve sobriety in the long run. Women’s bodies process alcohol more quickly than men’s, and as a result, they experience the effects more immediately and for a longer period of time. 

Drinking puts women at higher risk for long-term health issues, such as cancer. Most treatments are catered toward men due to men being the primary demographic for substance abuse, and treatments that work for men are not necessarily as successful for women. Thus understanding the different approaches is paramount in gender-specific treatments

Why is gender specific treatment needed?

Women are much more emotionally volatile than men, especially when it comes to trauma. Gender-specific therapies that put special emphasis on the abuse, sex crimes, and childhood trauma suffered by women in the past seem to have better rates of long run sobriety. Female-focused treatments provide each group member the chance to discuss delicate gender-related concerns in private, feel safe in their peers’ company, avoid being sidetracked by other relationships, and get hands-on therapeutic techniques, including medication. Alcohol detox Austin Texas, is an excellent option that offers gender specific detox treatments. 

Female-Specific Treatment:

In the female context, gender specific would mean therapy catered towards women. A comfortable, professional setting with mostly female staff and other female patients. It makes it awkward to address topics like pregnancy, behavioral changes brought on by hormone imbalances, job difficulties (such as sexism or juggling work and family), and verbal, physical, and sexual assault while males are around. Female-only groups provide members the greatest amount of freedom of expression and can raise confidence in therapy as a whole. sober living austin texas offers female specific aftercare, so you can feel comfortable in your recovery.

Women may feel hesitant to share their traumas in support groups with people of both genders. It might be awkward to talk about sexual assault in front of males, especially if the women are more conservative or traditional in their belief system.

Adolescent Females:

Women who experienced sexual abuse as adolescents are likely to have some trauma. This trauma may manifest itself as drug abuse in later years, or even as anxiety, depression, rage, and a lack of self esteem, which make drug abuse all the more likely later on in life. Thus treatment for children is also different from for adult women. A child during puberty is already going through a lot of hormonal changes that are hard to deal with and thus is more likely to overdose. (urgent care services are offered by rehabs to cope with if such a situation ever arises) Thus a treatment option such as counseling is better than medications and so on. A child in their molding stages can be steered into normal life through concentrated efforts in their rehabilitation. Poor coping mechanisms cultivated by situations like bullying, peer pressure, insecurity, self-harm, and academic stress can be cured as well.

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