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Eligibility to Become a Two-Wheeler Insurance Agent

As per surveys conducted in the past few years, it has become known that most Indian households use two-wheelers for transportation. In India, any sort of vehicle insurance is mandatory – it is vital to have financial protection over vehicles in case of an unpleasant occurrence.

First, let’s understand what vehicle insurance is. Vehicle insurance is insurance that people can get over any vehicle that they purchase. It typically covers both property risks and liability risks, that is, mishaps as a result of theft or robbery or an accident. It is compulsory to have vehicle insurance in India.

A vehicle insurance agent is a person working for an insurance agency and needs to achieve monthly targets of selling the vehicle or motor-related insurance to people interested in purchasing a vehicle. Their job includes giving clients guidance and information on policies that are best suited for the client’s financial status and condition biographyer.

A two-wheeler insurance agent is someone who helps customers choose their insurance plan for their two-wheeler vehicle. Today, a two-wheeler insurance agent in India will offer a variety of policies to choose from. One must have heard the kinds of insurance policies from their two-wheeler insurance agent.

Types of Two-wheeler Insurance Policies in India

  • Third-party liability insurance – It offers basic coverage of injuries caused to the third party and damages to the vehicle due to an accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance – It covers damage done to the third party and damage caused to their own vehicle.

Eligibility to Become a Two-wheeler Insurance Agent

To become a two-wheeler insurance agent, one must have the minimum qualifications required to become an insurance agent. The standard minimum qualifications include that the candidate must be at least 18 years of age and must have passed the 12th standard.

The candidate must possess some kind of identity proof like an Aadhar card or PAN card. The individual must complete prerequisite hours of training before sitting for the examination and receiving a licence to become a two-wheeler insurance agent.

Apart from these standard qualifications, sometimes experience in sales in the same field helps with getting a job as a two-wheeler insurance agent. Some experts also recommend doing a bachelor’s degree in courses like economics or finance to perform better in the field.

After registering as a two-wheeler insurance agent, the individual can take up some training courses that will help them learn skills and receive training in several aspects of the field.

When we talk about two-wheeler vehicles requiring insurance, the main focus is bikes. An individual can also focus their attention on how to become a bike insurance agent.

How to Become a Bike Insurance Agent?

Some companies have strict eligibility rules for becoming a bike insurance agent. This sector values people with a high school diploma and who have graduated the 12th standard. The candidate must be above 18 and possess identity proof like an Aadhar card or a PAN card.

If you are still wondering how to become a bike insurance agent, the answer is the same as wanting to become any other type of insurance agent. A bachelor’s degree in related courses like finance, marketing, or economics provides some prior information on how this industry works and what it expects of those seeking employment in the same industry. Opportunities in the bike insurance sector are open to retired individuals, undergraduates, or anyone looking to earn some extra money from a side hustle.

In conclusion, a two-wheeler insurance agent or a bike insurance agent can set their determination and lay down their foundation. This would help them grow according to their potential in the professional sector.

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