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Everything there is to know about email validation.

Whether or whether they are spam, more than half of all emails are marked as such. That’s terrible information for all advertisers and the digital firms they work with. To keep their emails from ending up in spam folders, marketers must undertake the so-called secure email validation services regularly.

Surely you’ve never heard of email verification. Our goal was to make this important strategy understandable to even the most unskilled marketers and company owners, so don’t worry: we’re not the only ones. Various advantages are involved with verifying your initial list of addresses, and this article will help you get started.

Email Validation: What Is It and Who Benefits From It?

In the world of digital marketing, email addresses are king. Why? Because email is the most profitable medium for marketers, earning $38 for every $1 invested in email marketing. The difficulty is that address lists deteriorate at a yearly rate of 22%. In other words, after a year, 100,000 valid addresses will be reduced to 80,000 valid ones.

Consequently, your marketing initiatives will have a lower return on investment due to lower deliverability and open rates. Adding insult to injury, they harm your sender’s reputation as well. If you let it fall too low, your network operator may even ban you from their network.

Because of this, making sure the addresses you’ve collected are still valid frequently is critical. Bulk email validation on tens of thousands of addresses may be accomplished manually, but utilizing an online email validation service is significantly more efficient.

Anyone who uses email marketing to offer more goods and services, increase awareness of a certain problem, or communicate an important update may benefit from these services.

What are the best ways to verify email?

Best practices, based on the experience and skill of innumerable marketers from across the globe, must be followed in order for email verification to be as successful as possible:

Select a dependable solution for your verification needs. Do your homework before joining up for a verification service since not all of them are equally reliable.

Frequently, check your list of addresses. Deliverability can be improved with only one verification round, but it won’t stay there indefinitely.

When gathering addresses, do a preliminary check. Increasing the proportion of genuine addresses in your list might be as easy as including a syntax check in the sign-up form.

Sending verification emails is a waste of time. Because sending verification emails might harm your sender’s reputation, legitimate verification services do not do so.

Customers’ personal information should be protected. As a marketer or company owner, it is your duty to keep the addresses you gather private and secure from unauthorized disclosure.


In order to get the most out of their marketing initiatives, email verification is a must-have for each marketer. Marketers need not be concerned about the technical details involved in completely verifying an address, as they can just employ an online verification tool and let it do it all for them.

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