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Everything you need to know about Lifestyle

The term “lifestyle” refers to a person’s fundamental character, defined by the Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in his 1929 book The Case of Miss R. It is defined as a person’s basic interests, opinions, and behavior as a whole. The concept of lifestyle has lasted ever since. Initially, it was viewed as the person’s “culture,” which he or she has adopted as a part of their culture.

It is a combination of intangible and tangible factors that define an individual’s life style. It was first used in the 1950s as a derivative of modernist art, which was developed by the Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler. Its use reveals that different environments yield different results. Although lifestyle relates to these intangible factors, it has more to do with the personality of the person than the environment. For example, rural lifestyle differs from urban lifestyle.

Besides consumption and behavior, lifestyle also includes activity and interest. It also involves a person’s place of residence. It encompasses a person’s daily routine, including activities. It can also include social norms. For example, a person’s place of work can affect his lifestyle. Likewise, a person’s profession can influence his or her lifestyle. A lifestyle is an individual’s way of living, which is reflected in the attitudes and behaviours exhibited by the individual.

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