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Factors to consider before getting a custom-built PC

Getting a gaming PC can be a remarkably satisfying experience as you can now play your games at any frame rate you wish. A Custom-Built PC would give you the ultimate gaming experience with the appropriate selection of the right components like processor, motherboard, RAM and storage, power supply, PC case and the peripherals. You can also avail budget gaming PCs with the latest technology and high-performance products. However, the customisation of the PC needs the consideration of various factors. Here is a complete list.

Heat dissipation and proper cooling

To make the component perform faster than the settings specified by the manufacturer, RAM, graphic card and processor are overclocked. The overclocking releases heat, which may wear out the components gradually. So, you need to cool the components correctly.

Cooling is a crucial factor that increases the lifespan and performance of the PC. You can choose water or air to cool your system. Air-cooling is a cheaper option and performs well. However, it can be noisy as it has speedy fans. Processors usually have a primary CPU fan and air cooler, but you can opt for an improved cooling system while getting a Custom-Built PC.

Water-cooling also has fans, but they run slower and produce less noise. Also, it can be a bit expensive if you want to assemble a custom loop by route tubing through radiators, pumps and components.


If you need to run many applications simultaneously, you need more RAM. An 8 GB RAM can suit most users with a high value to performance ratio. However, high-speed RAM would deliver the best results if you are a more hardcore user or opted for overclocking.

When you are customising your PC, it is best to buy an 8 GB kit consisting of two sticks of 4GB sticks with a CAS Latency of 9 and 1600 MHz. You can opt for a 16 GB RAM for high-end gaming rigs and everyday work. Moreover, for extra heft, go for 32 or 64 GB RAM to meet your gaming and content creation needs.

Graphics Card

While most CPUs have integrated graphics, a GPU is required to create an extraordinary gaming experience. The GPU for a Custom-Built PC can be pretty big, and it must fit into your case perfectly. You can get low-end or high-end consumer-facing GPUs based on your investment choice, giving a cutting-edge experience.

If gaming experience is your topmost priority, purchasing a GPU could be one of the priciest components. So, with a good investment, you can enjoy games at high resolution and reasonable frame rates.

Solid State Drives

Solid-state drives (SSD)have replaced hard disk drives (HDD); hence, when you are customising your PC, it is a given that you will opt for an SSD. It is high priced and may enable you to boot the machine more quickly. You may need a SATA SSD for the OS and commonly used files and large HDDs for larger files. Also, you may consider using external portable storage solutions to meet your storage needs.

Monitor size, colour and resolution

The standard size of monitors is 22-inch with a resolution of 1980×1080. However, you can upgrade it to 27-inch with a resolution of 2560×1440. Also, if you also use your PC for video editing, photography, or designing, you might like to focus on colour reproduction and the monitor’s colour calibration. So, while looking for customisation, go for high-end monitors that are colour calibrated and have good colour consistency.

Consider the above-discussed factors before customising your PC to ensure that you get all the right components and the desired results.

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