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Factors to Consider when Buying Honda Water Pumps in Kenya

Do you have some work that involves the transport of water, removal of chemical solutions or slimy sludge transportation in construction sites? These activities can be done easily and faster by using water pumps. Having informed you of the existence of the machine, I will too equip you with information in acquiring the right one.


Water pumps are either electrical or mechanical machines used in the transportation of liquids or their solutions from one point to another. The modern water pumps came into existence due to an invention by Archimedes, a great physicist and mathematician. This machine applies the use of centrifugal force.

Honda water pump

Let me now succinctly make you aware of the major factors to consider in buying the machine.

1. Types of Water Pumps and their Features

You need to identify the type that has features that will match the activity it is going to perform. The kind of liquid, debris size, to be transported by the machine will give you the clue on the inlet or outlet size of the machine required hence a right choice.

The following are the types you may make a selection from;

  • De-watering or volume machine

This is mainly to transport a large volume of clean water at a high speed for a period. It is the one used in the supply of water in the towns and can also be used in individual homes. It has an inlet and outlet vents less than 2 inches since it deals with pure water.

  • General Purpose Water Pump

This type is adapted to industrial and chemical use. It is fitted with seals that help in chemical resistance. It can also serve in the pumping of water.

  • Construction or Trash Pumping Equipment

The pump is used in construction industries to pump water solutions of larger debris larger than 2 inches. Its features are suited for severe conditions one of which, it will never overheat even if it runs dry for a longer period.

  • Submersible Pumps

These are mainly used in oil applications, they are fully submerged into the fluid and push it to the surface.

2. Prices of Honda Pumps

After identifying a water pump that suits your task, check for its price on the Honda water pump price list Kenya, you may also consider going for window shopping at the various retail or wholesale dealers to be certain of the same before making your order.

3. The Water Pump Maintenance Practices

This is another key factor that investors in water pumps should highly consider. Choose a machine that will help you achieve your investment objective while considering its durability and operation cost. The ease to maintain and offer primary services to the machine hence minimizing operation cost should be keenly noted.

4. Accessibility of Spare Parts

At certain times machine’s parts may wear and tear prompting replacement. It is advised that you should invest in machines whose spare parts are locally available, this will not only save you on time wastage but also ensure that you continuously carry out your pumping activities.


It is always a rule that ‘‘goods once sold should not be returned,’’ therefore, always be certain of the type and quality of the machine you buy. Avoid embarrassments faced when you try to return a machine for lack of prior understanding.

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