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Five Things Homeowners Should Know About Utilizing Travertine

Travertine is and continues to be one of the most widely used natural stones in the interior and exterior design. People prefer it primarily for bathrooms, kitchens, house facades, exterior flooring, and more. 

This is not surprising – the tradition dates back to the ancient Romans, who built the famous Colosseum out of travertine. Michelangelo also chose it as the main material in the construction of the dome of the Basilica “St. Peter. 

Travertine’s name comes from the Italian “travertino,” which in turn comes from the Latin “tiburtinus,” i.e. “From the Tiber.” There are large travertine deposits in Tivoli, Italy. If you are looking for high-quality natural travertine tiles you can click here. If you want to learn more about the things people should know about travertine, keep reading this article. 

Although an eternal classic, travertine is also used in modern and contemporary architectural design, such as the classic design of Miss van der Rohe at the German pavilion at the International Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929.This canonical design and aesthetics have inspired many of the innovative applications of travertine in modern spaces.

 Living Areas 

Today, architects and designers adore this porous stone because of the natural beauty it radiates. Its diverse selection of patterns and shade in contrast to its classic look, fit almost any interior or project, from kitchens to bathrooms, from walls in hallways to flooring in living rooms. When incorporating travertine into your home decor, you should consult a professional. You can find high-quality travertine tiles for your home or office project at Saturnia Travertini. 

Modern Stairs 

Travertine is also a solution for stairs. Travertine is, without a doubt, the optimal luxury choice. Modern spaces, as well as traditional rooms, are unmistakably accentuated with the addition of travertine elements. It doesn’t matter if we talk about a smooth polished floor, fireplace, or facade. An example of exceptional design luxury is the interior of a living room made of travertine, in which the walls, floor, and fireplace are lined with beautiful stone. 

The space looks fluid at the same time – travertine has enveloped everything, and nothing stops the viewer’s gaze – and massive, as if the whole interior is carved from a stone. The subtle play between monochrome, natural color, and texture gives the space a sense of style and design but delicately palpable friendliness and coziness. The beautiful polished travertine is adored for its complex texture, natural patterns painted by variations in the color of the stone, and the delicate curves and shapes it has sealed. The travertine countertop transforms even the kitchen into an elegant atmosphere that you admire every time.

Lighter and Darker shades 

To bring an elegant play between the materials in your home, combine lighter shades of travertine with dark wood furniture for a dramatic effect. The contrast between colors and textures creates a kitchen, bathroom, or living room that attracts the eye. A great dining table or coffee table made of dark mahogany will stand out impressively on a light travertine floor. 

Combine with Modern Furniture 

The time and fashion-resistant travertine can be combined with modern furniture, eclectic artwork, and a variety of materials, including leather, wood, and glass. Whatever you choose, this natural stone will bring timeless beauty to your space. It is a stone that easily adapts to changes in furniture, decoration, and style. It works equally great in a home, office, or restaurant. It serves as a magical stone canvas for creativity and new design ideas. Imagine a space transformed from an ordinary home into a palace of modernism solely through the use of travertine. 


Even today, travertine is a widely popular choice of material for home decor; Many architects also prefer it for their projects’ facades. It is gorgeous, durable, and will withstand any rough weather conditions. It is a natural finish that stands out. It doesn’t matter if your project is more traditional or contemporary – travertine would add soul to your home. That’s why designers and architects create projects for residential office buildings incorporating travertine elements or entire facades made of this incredible limestone. 

To sum it up…

Travertine is timeless. From facades, countertops, entire walls, floors, and staircases, the choice of this stone is a luxury, and its elegance makes it a key element in any transformation or architectural design. The stone’s delicate colors, patterns, and natural beauty will remain for generations. They will withstand changes in your home decor and trends ahead. 

When choosing travertine for your project, consult a professional about color variations, sizes, and applications. You will be amazed by the variety of shapes and colors in which this stone is offered – from mosaics to large walls and countertops. Let’s not forget that there are not many natural materials that can create both a rustic and extremely sophisticated look, depending on the creative approach.

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