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Get a Smooth Online Running Experience with Vingo

Are you a fan of Online running? You might have already tried your hands at a dozen apps, a few treadmills and countless running shoes. However, if you are yet to be fully satisfied with the experience, then you are in for a surprise with the Vingo app. This versatile app is available for iOS now and you can use it across devices like mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops and desktop computers. 

So, what makes this app a unique one?

Fully Compatible with Many Treadmills 

The app can be easily connected with any of the latest treadmills. The quick connectivity offers an easy plug and play capacity to the app. You need not waste a lot of time in just connecting your app and configuring the settings. So, your indoor running stays simple and stunning. At the same time, the experience is not an ordinary one. The app gives an altogether new and creative spin to the running. You will feel as if you are running in the real world. 

Easily Connect with ANT+ Sensors

If you only have an old treadmill then you might find connecting it to the app as a problematic one. However, it is not impossible. You can easily buy the latest ANT+ sensors that turn the mechanical signals of the treadmill into an electric signal that can be provided as an input to the app. This way you can still run in the virtual world by using the app. 

Vingo is a complete online running app that creates everything from the virtual world, your digital avatar, your social interactions, your social media presence, and most importantly the motivation for your long and enjoyable exercise sessions. 

Create Your Online Presence in under a Minute

While the app was created after countless hours of research, you can easily create your avatar in a matter of seconds. All that you have to do is to upload a photo or take a selfie from your mobile camera. The app will create a digital lookalike of you that will resemble you closely. This is the character you will be donning in the world of Vingo. With this character, you will feel like you are living in the digital world. It will be like you are transported to this amazing landscape. Inside the app, you can choose the kind of environment in which you want to run. Depending on your personal preference you can workout in a real location or an imaginary place that is filled with excitement. 

Exercise the Way You Want

You can even use the app for indoor cycling. You can connect the cycle with this biking app and before you think, you will be cycling in the lush green fields, curvy and treacherous roads of a mountain or the sandy roads of a beach. Choose what you want to do and where you want to workout. As the app helps in providing urgent care for any fitness conscious person, more and more people are installing this app everyday.

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