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Gold Coast VS Brisbane: Useful Tips before Travelling

Living, studying and working in Australia is easier than you might think! It is really difficult to choose the best city to live and study abroad in a country so diverse and rich in details, both natural and cultural. In other texts, we have already covered a series of comparisons between incredible destinations in the land of kangaroos and, today, we are going to show you a little bit about two great cities for international students: Gold Coast VS Brisbane!

After all, what is the best option for your exchange trip and why choose one of these options? We can already say that the final answer will be yours, but to give you a little help, we brought some tips about both places and their main features. Let’s check it out?

Why Study in the Gold Coast?

We are going to show you a little bit about the second alternative, which is also an excellent choice for your study in Australia.

With an even younger vibe, Gold Coast is a paradise for surfers and students looking for a place closer to nature and an unparalleled vibe from its residents. Ready to be surprised? So check it out!


As we said in the previous topic, in the Brisbane x Gold Coast comparison, the weather doesn’t matter much, as it is very similar in both places. So, regardless of your choice, you are sure to enjoy the sunny and warm days most of the year. What will make a difference is precisely the scenarios and activities of each city. So, keep reading to check it out.

Cost of living

Gold Coast is already a much smaller city than Brisbane. However, it usually receives many tourists in the summer, and some neighborhoods are well valued. However, the cost of living is not that high compared to larger cities. In addition, employment opportunities in the region are always on the rise and many companies seek labor from foreign students. So prepare your CV!


Gold Coast has only about 500 thousand inhabitants, and this preserves an air of tranquility in its population. Also recognized for surfing and other extreme sports, the city’s vibe is younger and alternative. Typically, a big beach town that divides itself between business and leisure, in a perfect balance.

Leisure in the Gold Coast

There are beautiful beaches, theme parks, magnificent restaurants and many, many outdoor activities. Its coastline is surrounded by an immense green area, known as Hinterland and includes subtropical forests, waterfalls, trails, campsites and accommodation at very attractive prices.

In addition, its restaurants are references of Australian and international cuisine, and the options are spread across all neighborhoods. Parks like Warner Bros. Movie World and Dreamworld are also some examples of activities you can enjoy there. Finally, the nightlife is very intense and busy, with bars and pubs open every night.

Study in Gold Coast

Like Brisbane, Gold Coast also boasts great universities and renowned courses for international students. So there’s nothing to worry about with either option.

In this way, it is possible to make the most of all the infrastructure that these institutions provide and absorb all the knowledge and experience necessary for your career.

The main universities in Gold Coast are Bond University and Griffith University. However, other schools also stand out and can be excellent alternatives for those who want to study English. They are: Browns ELS, Shafston, Inforum English and OHC English.

Why Study in Brisbane?

Brisbane is the capital of Australia’s second largest state, Queensland, located on the east coast of the country. We could sum up the city in three words: nature, sports and entertainment. However, the attractions and charms of this modern metropolis go far beyond that and will undoubtedly surprise you every day.

For more details, check out the main features of Brisbane!


In the Brisbane and Gold Coast comparison, both have similar climates, with most of the sunny days and pleasant temperatures. To get an idea, during the winter, the thermometers vary between 24 and 31 degrees, while in the summer, the pointers go over 30. Nothing very different from the main Brazilian cities, right?

Cost of living

Brisbane is a big city with first class public services. Certainly, the quality of life is incomparable to any city in Brazil. However, with all that is available (health, security, education, etc.), there is no doubt that the cost of living is worth it and is fair.

It is worth mentioning that an exchange in Australia allows the student to work legally in an Australian company and receive an adequate salary and in the local currency. With the payment, your costs can already drop considerably or even cover your expenses there.


Brisbane’s population is around 1.9 million people. The city breathes sport and quality of life and is undoubtedly one of the best in the country. Therefore, it is not difficult to find people always practicing outdoor activities, going out at night and enjoying the beaches on weekends. The air of Brisbane seems to excite everyone and, even with the rush of shopping centers, its population does not hide the smile on its face webtoon.

Leisure in Brisbane

Get ready to travel, enjoy beautiful beaches, eat very well and enjoy the best parties of your life. After all, Brisbane brings it all together in one place! On the outskirts of the city are some 300 subtropical islands with crystal clear waters and a variety of extraordinary marine life (including dolphins on Moreton Island).

In addition, the city is full of good restaurants, charming cafes and a vibrant nightlife. For those who prefer contact with nature, there are several natural parks with different attractions, with special emphasis on Forest Park and City Botanic Gardens.

Studies in Brisbane

Well, now that you have an idea of what the city’s vibe is like, it’s time to check out the level of schools and colleges there. For starters, Brisbane is the great national reference in technology and infrastructure of its institutions, providing learning methods and extraordinary activities to its students.

Some of its main educational institutions are: Australian Catholic University, CQUniversity, Griffith University, James Cook University and QUT (Queensland University of Technology).

Anyway, this is Brisbane vs Gold Coast comparison. There is no doubt that both cities are capable of providing incredible and unforgettable experiences for international students, and it is impossible to say if one is better than the other. After all, both have excellent infrastructure, endless attractions, extraordinary natural beauty and an education system worthy of the first world. What sets them apart is precisely their profile, size and activities.

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