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Hats Effortlessly Add Charm to Your Style- Important Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Hat

Many women feel that hats might not be the right option for them. Women who have big heads often feel this way. That is not the truth. There is always a hat that fits best for any head size. Even if you are a plus size woman, you can still find that perfect hat that fits your head size.

The fact to keep in mind is that you have to select hats cautiously. You just cannot make random choices. All hats might not blend in best with your facial looks. But there certainly is a particular hat that will highlight all essential features of your facial curves.

When it comes to selecting womens hats for big heads you have to consider brim size, color, style and head size and if your choice is perfect, then you will find one that suits your looks. Women with big head sizes can look more attractive if they are wearing the perfect hat on their heads.

The moment you have to select the best hat for your head, you have to consider several factors. You can read further to get familiar with these factors.

Important factors to select the best hat for big sized head

1. Hat types

This is the right way to start looking around for the best hat. You will have to consider all types of hats that you can wear. In this respect, you may need a professional’s assistance. You can get in touch with your designer. You can also seek help from your friends and relatives.

There are so many options in the market. These may include Bucket hats, Fedora, straw hats and lots more. There are so many brands as well in the market.

If you search then it is obvious that you will always find one that fits your style best. Whatever you select always ensure that you choose the most ideal hat. Do not be fashion-centric.

2. The brim

The brim is always an important part of the hat. This is the outer rim that makes the hat look very unusual. You will come across different brim styles as well. These can be narrow or wider. You can also go with small, medium or large brim sizes.

Just because your head is big, does not mean that you can only select a large brim sized hat. A lot also depends on the facial volume. There are chances that the facial volume is not much even if the head size is big. Some women may have big face sizes but not a plus-size facial volume.

3. Crown factor

The crown of the hat is the part that rests on the head. You can search for the best leather hats for big size heads online. There are usually three different types of crowns. You may have to select from amongst low, medium or high crown sizes. If you are a woman with a big head size then it is advisable to go with a low crown type.

If you are having round facial features then you can go with a high crown as well and if the head size is big and your facial features are elongated, then you may have to select the low crown type hat. The wrong crown selection can change your facial looks.

It all depends on several factors. You just cannot go with the same crown size in all cases. It is important to look around for the best option.

4. Hat size

This one factor will always make a big difference. If your head size is big then you also need to select a big-sized hat. Some women might also choose to wear a small-sized hat for a fashion statement. But if you are looking around for a more functional hat then right seize selection is important.

It is important to wear the hat before you finally select it. This is one reason why it is always better to buy a hat from the local store. You can try the hat before investing your money. If you purchase online, you may have to return it if the size is not proper.

5. Facial shape

The facial shape is also one of the factors that you have to consider. When it comes to facial shape you may have to consider the cape line. This is the central line that runs from the back to the front of the cap. The line can also run sideways.

It depends on the type of style you need. Selecting the right hat for a big- sized head is not difficult. You just have to consider selecting one that suits your style and facial looks. You should always check out with multiple options and then make your choice. You can browse through different hat types online. You will come across many websites that sell unique hats for women with big-sized heads. Just try one and then you can take your decision.

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