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Here Are 7 Ways You Can Extend Your Wi-Fi Range Effectively

An average American spends a significant portion of their day online. Whether it is work, pleasure, shopping, or pretty much anything else, an internet connection has become a necessary facility.

Thus, when this facility fails us at home or work, for that matter, it is bound to create some frustration. There are two ways you can enjoy this magical technology; either you opt for a wired connection which will limit your mobility as you are online, or you could turn to a wireless connection with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Today, we want to help you understand how to enhance your Wi-Fi range so that you get to enjoy the fast internet speeds in every corner of your home or office. Let’s get started.

Relocate Your Router

Your router’s location plays a major role in determining your Wi-Fi’s performance. Even though it offers wireless connectivity, it only offers connectivity in a limited radius. On top of that, a router’s wireless signals may easily be interrupted if it is placed in congested or confined spaces.

For instance, if the router is placed inside a cupboard or a small storage room, the signal will automatically deteriorate significantly. That is why you must place your router that is both, centrally located and free from physical hindrances.

Run System Diagnostics

All routers come with their own dedicated software. They provide you convenient control over the router’s functions and further provide you with the means to rectify problems that your router may be facing.

In that software, you will find an option to run system diagnostics. This will scan the entire network and present you with possible reasons for the performance drop. This information will further present you with the most viable solution.

Update Router Firmware

All technologies face up-gradation quite frequently. This is to ensure that all relevant technologies keep on providing reliable services to the users and keep them safe from any inconveniences while using the product.

Similarly, your router’s firmware will also be subject to regular updates and bug fixes. If you find your Wi-Fi facing a sudden drop in performance, one thing you could do is check for any available firmware updates. There is a chance that a firmware update is pending that is keeping you from utilizing the router’s full potential.

Change Your Router’s Frequency

Routers enable users to connect using radio frequencies. And most of the routers available in the market offer more than one frequency to use. This is to provide users the option to switch frequencies if facing any connectivity issues.

You could consider switching from a 2.4 GHz frequency to a 5GHz frequency, provided you have the option to do so. This can improve both, your Wi-Fi’s range and its compatibility with other devices.

Get a Wi-Fi Extender

Just having a router for your Wi-Fi needs may not always be enough. There are devices known as Wi-Fi extenders that can enhance the performance of your existing Wi-Fi network. The way they work is that you plug them in an outlet somewhere between the router and the device you want to connect. The Wi-Fi extender picks up the router’s signal and further transmits it to the device that needs connectivity. Though, sometimes, extending the signal range this way may cost you signal strength.

Grab a New Router

There might also be a chance that the router you use is outdated. The rapid evolution of technology will often require you to upgrade your router to the latest model available. You might need to do a little digging, but you can easily find several reliable routers that offer multi-band technologies, friendlier interfaces, and more.

Your ISP Matters

Last but not least, your internet service provider plays the most important role in your Wi-Fi’s performance. If the internet service is not competent enough, there is only so much that your router and its Wi-Fi can do for you.

For this, you need to subscribe to the best internet service available in your region. You could consider subscribing to services such as the ones offered in AT&T bundles. Not only are they blazing-fast and reliable, but AT&T internet prices are among the most reasonable in the country.

All Things Considered

There are a few other things to consider as well for improving your Wi-Fi range. However, these are the most common reasons that, when addressed, can resolve your problem almost instantaneously.

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