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How Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products Enhance Your Skin

Most of the cosmetics you use don’t have any effect internally to enhance your skin. Cosmetics work on the upper layer for a quick look. Cosmeceutical products mix cosmetics and therapeutic effects, which helps benefit your skin on a deeper level.

Cosmeceutical skincare products have medical and drug-like ingredients that work on the cells to restore and enhance your skin texture and look. To know more about its benefits, use, and precautions, keep reading till the end.

What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are products that penetrate your skin and perform more than any other cosmetics. They are generally an addition to the skincare regime, which helps in improving the skin texture tone, reducing pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

The cosmeceuticals deliver active ingredients naturally to the skin, which reaches the effective area to have an effect.

Common Ingredients in Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

Some of the most common ingredients that you may find in these products are:

  • sunscreen
  • Antioxidants (like Vitamin C, Alpha-lipoic, Vitamin E and B3 etc.)
  • Hydroxy Acids
  • Retinoids
  • Skin lightening agents
  • Botanicals
  • Peptides and proteins
  • Growth factors

How are Cosmeceuticals Different from Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are a part of cosmeceuticals that intends to cleanse, beautify, promote attractiveness or appearance. Here are a few ways in which cosmeceuticals are different from cosmetics.

  • Cosmetics change the appearance of the skin, whereas cosmeceuticals affect the way cells work.
  • Cosmetics stay on the skin r surface level, but cosmeceuticals penetrate it.
  • Cosmetics have only a tiny amount of active ingredients, but cosmeceuticals are all about it.

Who should and shouldn’t use cosmeceuticals?

If you deal with premature aging, acne scars and skin damage, you can use cosmeceuticals to fight it. People with sensitive skin should try to vid using anything without a prescription. It might irritate your skin.

It’s not meant for teenagers and young adults as their skin need more natural and different care the cosmeceuticals.

Benefits and Precautions of Using Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

Cosmeceuticals skincare products are not drugs; they are products made to improve problems related to cosmetics like cellulite, large pores, hyperpigmentation and acne. The future of cosmeceuticals looks good with new research coming up with much more effective ingredients.

Most of it is used to fight aging signs like wrinkles, damage due to the sun and loss of elasticity.

Below are certain benefits and risks related to using them:


  • You get good skincare product over the counter
  • It works in tandem with the tropical prescription medications


  • Irritated skin for few
  • Bit costly

Do cosmeceuticals work for your skin?

You must use only clinically tested and proven products to ensure the claimed benefit. Cosmeceuticals, unlike other products, are not regulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Thus, before buying anything, ensure to check the ingredients and customer reviews.

The products are usually tested and safe, and they live up to their claims. It depends on the skin when it comes to how well the application of the product works. Get a thorough skin type test done before using anything.

Cosmeceuticals are effective but less regulated; thus, knowing what you are buying is essential. They are powerful in helping reduce skin damage, dark spots, etc., but if used on sensitive skin, they might damage it.

Use them carefully and know what your skin needs and how much quantity. Don’t include too many products in your skincare, as it takes time for the skin to adjust with ingredients.

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