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How Do You Find the Best Bikini for Your Body Type?

It is always a good time to visit the beach, especially during the warmer months. So, if you are about to go on your next beach getaway, you need to pack your best swimwear to ensure that you will look great as you lounge around or swim in the waters. But you can never have enough swimwear, especially if you want to make heads turn as you stroll along the shores. Hence, you may have to shop for more bikinis online if you need to get as much swimwear in the most convenient way possible.

Purchasing swimwear, especially bikinis, can be challenging if you have no idea what style flatters your body. So, if you want to ensure that you look great in your next bikini purchases online, these tips can make your life easier.

Know Your Body Shape

Women come in different shapes and sizes; hence, while you have the option to wear all kinds of bikinis confidently, it would still help if you find a style that works perfectly for your body shape. Your body will guide you to find the best cuts and colours that will look great on you. And it will also let you find the best silhouette that is proportional to your figure.

According to a study, the women’s body shape is determined by measuring the bust, waist, hips, and upper portion of the hip. So, after learning your exact measurements, you may use them to analyse your body shape using online body shape calculators.

As such, the five main body types include:

  • Rectangle – It is often described as the athletic body type, characterised by similar width of the shoulder, bust, and hips. Meanwhile, shorter women with rectangular body shapes may look shorter or heavier. So, if you plan to buy bikinis online for this body shape, you may look for light-coloured, ruffled, and patterned tops with bows or ties. And you can match it with ruffled or skirted bikini bottoms or those with side ties.
  • Inverted Triangle – This body shape usually features larger tops with smaller bottoms. The legs and waist also have smaller widths compared to the shoulders and bust area. As such, solid-coloured halter-tops with thicker straps and dark triangle tops with embellished bottoms look great for this body shape.
  • Apple Shape – Those with rounder bodies belong to this body shape. They are usually people with a circular outline with no defined waist. So if you are under this category, you can invest in high-waisted bottoms with details like ribbons or front ties to conceal any unwanted bumps on the waist area.
  • Pear Shape – Like the fruit, a pear-shaped body has a slender top with a wider proportion in the hips and leg area. As such, you can buy bikini padded or push-up bikini tops to create an illusion of curves in the slimmer portion of the body, while the bottoms must be in plain, dark colours without any embellishments to make the area appear smaller.
  • Hourglass – This is the classic bombshell figure that every woman wants to achieve. It has a more contoured waist and bigger bust and hips. And since one of the most noticeable assets of people with this body type is the round and full breasts, you can invest in bikini tops to show off your cleavage. You may also look for tops with wider straps for better support. It will also help if you look for high-waisted bottoms or a low-rise bikini to flaunt your flat abs.

Check the Latest Trends in Bikini Styles 

Bikini swimwear is always popular, but some styles are trendier than others. And today, some of the most popular bikini styles include the triangle tops, the crochet bikini set, the two-toned sets, and the wrap-around sets.

So, if you plan to purchase more bikinis in online stores, you need to determine your body shape to help you find the best style that flatters your body. It will also let you know if you can adapt to the latest trends in bikini fashion.

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