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How skills testing candidates is cost-effective for recruiters and employers

Ensuring applicant suitability is the foundation of recruiting. It means that for recruiters confirming candidate proficiency via robust skills testing software is extremely important.

Pre-employment skills testing is a great way to assess all applicants and make sure that only the skilled candidates are selected for the next stage. Using skills tests to evaluate candidates early in the recruiting stage helps to prevent bad hires and improves the quality of recruitment.

Skills testing candidates is definitely a very cost-effective method for recruiters to ensure that they only hire the best employees for their clients.

Benefits of online skills testing software for staffing agencies

Leading staffing agencies have added a good skills assessment software to their repertoire of other recruiting tools. This means making sure that all their tools are compatible with and integrates smoothly with the best recruitment software solution to make hiring easier and more efficient.

  • Examine large volume of applications

Recruiters often must deal with massive amounts of applications within a short time. Automating skills tests at the outset helps sift through quality applications quickly.

  • Quickly filter candidates for mass recruiting

When organisations need many candidates for similar roles, applying skills testing helps highlight which candidates have the required qualifications and abilities.

  • Check for candidate skill exaggeration

Overstating talents on CVs is quite common these days. Measuring candidate proficiency at the outset helps verify that the applicant does really have the necessary qualifications.

  • Identify applicant strength and potential

Skills tests highlight the areas where the individual surpasses others. It is valuable in shining a light on their abilities.

Employers who want skilled and the best-qualified individuals must do more than take on candidates just by looking through their CVs. It is not difficult to tweak and add to a resume.

Interviews are a better gauge of applicant potential, but they are not complete in themselves. Adding skills tests to the evaluation process adds more value and provides a well-rounded look at what each job seeker can do and bring to the company.

Using skills tests to recommend the best candidate

Candidate skills assessment at the pre-employment stage helps recruiters closely understand the capabilities and talents of their candidates. Consequently, they can endorse the suitable candidates better to the organisations looking for the best person for the role.

Recruiters can give strong reasons why a particular applicant is extremely well suited for the job. And using the skills test results from the online skills testing software system provides further proof of candidate proficiency.

Recruiters can take the test results to show hiring companies where exactly the applicants excel and the areas where they show potential. This can be used to push hiring decisions in the right direction.

Find the right person easily using skills testing software

Wrong hires are costly for any organisation. A new employee who doesn’t meet the company’s standards or is intractable about team collaboration despite repeated requests to improve will be replaced. Restarting the hiring process means investing time, effort and money again.

Hence, it is important to get the hiring right on the first try. Candidate skills assessment helps to filter applicants from the beginning so that only the top talents are on the shortlist. This decreases the chance of having job seekers who do not fit the employer’s criteria land the role.

Staffing agencies and their recruiters who utilise skills testing software automatically gain an advantage over their peers. Forwarding a candidate backed by their strong candidate profile and evidence of their competence will impress the hiring company.

Now it’s not just about taking on a candidate based on their CVs. Having a strong indication, early in the recruiting stage, that they can do the job expected of them is very helpful.

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