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How to Complete Your Ensemble with Different Type of Flats

Fashion is an expression of one’s unique personality. A woman’s character statement is often seen in how she styles herself.

Women’s fashion tastes have evolved together with time. Nevertheless, a woman should be given the freedom to wear whatever she wants.

Every lady’s wardrobe contains one to numerous pairs of women’s flats. Therefore, one can never have too many options for these versatile shoes. Furthermore, these stylish flats come in various types, perfect for a particular day’s ensemble.

Do you already own many pairs of flats, or are you considering expanding your collection? This article will provide you with a guide on which outfits are perfect for every flat style. 

Loafers (Slip-Ons)

This classic footwear uses the vamp or the upper part of the shoes to keep your feet in place. These flats have stretchable low-cut quarters or panels on either side of a shoe, enabling you to slip your foot on. It also helps eradicate the necessity of using a strap or lace to fasten your pair of shoes. A loafer can have a short, broad heel or be completely flat.

Loafers are a staple for every woman’s wardrobe as it is a standard for comfort and can be worn throughout the entire year. They can add a touch of vintage flair to your summer and spring ensembles. Furthermore, you can still feel comfortably cozy by pairing them with fun-themed ankle socks while wearing pleated shorts and a bib blouse under the summer sun.

Slip-ons are also perfect for casual wear. For example, you can wear overalls with a boatneck top underneath for a weekend hangout with your friends while completing your look with tiered necklaces and comfy loafers. In addition, you can ensure a pleasant stroll in the mall when you pair your slip-ons with a jacket on top of your regular jeans and tee combination.

In general, these women’s flats are considered safe choices for workplaces. Loafers will keep you stylishly comfortable when you constantly need to roam the office or go upstairs down several building floors. When you get tired of a classic sundress, you can also wear a pair of loafers with cigarette pants, chino pants, and skinny jeans.


This type of flats is similar to loafers in a lot of ways. In parallel, you also have to slip your feet on a pair of mules. The two variations of flats are alike, but the heel counters or the back of the shoe that supports your heels are missing on mules. It makes it easier to wear or slide your feet into, plus you will stand out as they are commonly fashioned with closed pointed toes or toe boxes. Mules can also either have a low, broad heel or a high one.

This footwear allows no constraints in showing the skin of your heel and must be worn with no socks on to achieve its optimum potential. One excellent quality of mules is that they don’t need to be broken in.

You can immediately pair these shoes with either a formal blazer, cami, and trousers ensemble or a casual white tee and jeans getup for spending the day out. You can also wear a particular style of a plain mule or one with either patterns or adornments for every suitable occasion.

Mary Janes

These practical flats got their name from the cartoon character Buster Brown’s sweetheart, Mary Jane. Thus, this flat footwear has a childlike shoe style of having a strap over a shoe’s vamp or instep. Mary Janes are considered ready for anything so that you can wear them to your office or dinner dates and events.

Some individuals might find Mary Janes hard to style, but choosing solid, colourful ones with denim shirt dresses or distressed jeans and a jacket is a reliable choice. You can also add a few ages to your look with a wool pullover and a pencil skirt.

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