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How To Include QR Codes Into Your Webinar/Workshop And Upgrade Your Event Hosting Means?

Everything, including seminars and workshops, has gone digital. However, unlike face-to-face encounters, online interactions have several constraints. And these detract from the whole experience.

So, how do you compensate for those weak points? What can you do to enhance the webinar experience?

QR codes are one option to consider. While it may not appear so, these squared codes open up many choices. It’s not a matter of whether you can use them, but instead of how.

With a free QR code generator with logo online, events and conference organizers can conveniently upgrade their means of webinar or workshop hosting.

Ways to Upgrade Your Webinar/Workshop Means With QR Codes

To know more about how organizers can integrate QR code for webinars or workshop event, here are some of the notable means that you can follow to upgrade your webinar or online workshop prompts.

1. Lecturers Can use QR Codes In Engaging Activities

You can have your participants interact with each other in face-to-face webinars and seminars. It alleviates boredom and gets everyone excited for the main event. When done online, however, this is not the case.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for attendees to fall asleep throughout the event. However, using QR codes to keep your audience engaged and attention can provide a new level of interaction.

You can make a game with a QR code. You may control what type of material appears based on how many times a QR code has been scanned with dynamic QR codes. You could flash a QR code on your screen at random and have your audience race to see who can scan it first.

It does this by keeping people at the end of their seats and anticipating what will happen next. QR code will direct their attention to you and your lecture.

2. Treasure Hunt with QR Codes

Spread QR codes throughout your presentation to make your webinar more enjoyable. It might be at the corner of the screen, in the middle, or somewhere else that’s hard to see.

Those keen enough to catch a sight of it will be rewarded with something if they scan it—either extra points for their achievements or a gift. You can also integrate a QR code generator with logo online and create a custom hidden QR to add to your presentation or lecture.

As with any other game, the goal is to keep your audience’s attention. It makes them look forward more to it even more, especially when there is a prize attached.

3. Attendance Sheet with QR Code

The issue with webinars is that consumers can join and leave their gadgets on without paying close attention to the presentation. With a QR code, you can check for the attendance of the participants at random.

Show the image to them so they can scan it and fill out a form. You can tell when the participant performed a scan using dynamic QR codes. This assures that everyone completed the form when the proctor flashed it, not at any later time.

If you’re a lecturer, this is useful. It’s one approach to ensure that no student gets a pass in your class when they have not joined any webinar or workshop events.

4. QR Code For Registration

To ease registration issues with the webinar or virtual workshop organizers plan to have, they can integrate the use of a QR code for registration to simplify the way interested participants register to the event.

In this way, you can have a simple sign-up to join the event journey for your participants.

5. QR Codes Can Be Used To Deliver Content That They Can Download

If you want to allow your viewers to download content, such as supplementary references, having them copy the URL link you’re going to flash can be laborious. Instead, find things more straightforward for them by using a PDF QR code to transform your documents into QR codes.

By making it easy to download your information, you can assure that your listeners will take the time to do so. It also serves to keep moving forward with your lecture rather than stopping to accommodate them.


As simple as they may appear, QR codes have a lot to offer. It improves the interactivity, immersion, and comfort of your webinar.

It is critical to give working and professional-looking QR codes because achieving a better webinar/workshop event assists in attracting more online participants.

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