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How to Overcome Obstacles in Your Recovery

From the moment you pursue recovery, you’ll be fighting yourself and the world around you. Often, many of the obstacles before you won’t even make sense. When the path before you is clear, it can still seem like you have no plan for overcoming the barriers that exist in your life. However, overcoming these obstacles will build strength and resilience. You’ll make yourself vulnerable and learn about yourself along the way. From problems with relationships to financial obstacles, this article will help you learn to overcome the obstacles in your recovery. From there, you’ll have the power you need to stay clean.

Recall previous successes

Your past accomplishments will provide you with the inspiration you need to overcome obstacles. A conflict in your relationship, for example, wouldn’t stop you from finding a way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. After all, you have previous successes in relationships of which you’re proud. Whether you learn to talk things out or learn to be patient, remind yourself of what steps you took that led toward success before. That information should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re facing obstacles. Because it’s the obstacles, the barriers, the tall walls standing before you that prevent you from staying clean of drugs.

Break down obstacles into smaller challenges

Sometimes, obstacles will be so great in size, or so sophisticated in complexity, that they cannot be approached directly. Again, using relationships as an example, there are many intricacies and ways that the bond between partners can go amiss. When looked at directly, the overwhelming number of different routes you can take are sure to overwhelm anyone, particularly you, someone struggling with addiction. Fortunately, you can break down the obstacle so that you can chip away at it a little at a time. For example, if you were close to divorce, one week you could focus on spending more romantic time together. Another week, you could focus more on talking about the problems in the relationship. In the end, you’ve struck down the obstacle that is a conflicted relationship, meaning that’s one less barrier preventing you from staying clear of drugs.

Find support for overcoming obstacles

Try as you might, the obstacles before you will be too great to battle alone. If you’re low on money and facing eviction, would you settle to live on the streets or ask for a loan from your family? While it might seem natural to reach out for help, since you’ve lived with addiction, you know that there are some people in your life who don’t wish to help. Unless you hear those words or are met with overwhelming resistance, assume your family and friends are there to help you with your basic needs. Once those needs are met, you’ll see that many obstacles can be overcome when you have the resources to use to your advantage.

Focus on yourself, not the competition

Competition can be toxic. With too much of it, you can be consumed with outsmarting, outmaneuvering, and outperforming those you consider opponents. The relentless drive to be the greatest will force you outside of yourself as you push toward accomplishing far more than you need. Over time, you risk burnout and humiliation as those around you take your competitive spirit as a sign that you’re striving toward perfection. Instead of trying to outdo those around you, focus on the small changes you can make every day. Then, strive to see how the effects of those changes will change your life over time.

Today, you may only be able to resist the cravings. Consequently, you might not make as much money as your peers. However, materialistic things don’t have as much value as lifestyle changes geared toward recovery. Focus on what will have the greatest impact in the long term. That way, you can enjoy ongoing fulfillment rather than temporary satisfaction.

Use obstacles to motivate you

Not having any money is one of the most challenging obstacles you can face. Such an obstacle can cause you to run away in fear, abandon life and instead opt for homelessness. Unfortunately, that kind of life often circles into addiction. People will find they lack the purpose, sense of belonging, and financial stability they need to feel safe. The better way to think about an obstacle like having no money is to let it motivate you toward the biggest goal of all. Staying clean from drugs is at the top of your priority list. So, concentrating on making more money (e.g. getting a job, saving more money each week) will move you in the right direction toward overcoming the obstacle of having no money at all.

Often, when you’re living with addiction, small obstacles that seem so extraordinary can be handled with a careful plan. With a methodical approach, you can see you can’t pay your bills today, but by next week, if you’ve let your obstacle motivate you, you’ll have polished your resume and completed some interviews. That’s because daily progress is the solution to staying motivated. Staying motivated will keep you in the spirit of staying clean.

Drugs and addiction don’t have to take over your life. You’ll face plenty of obstacles that make progress seem impossible. But what about using obstacles to motivate you? Or, breaking them into smaller challenges? Both steps are key to recovery. So, too, are focusing on yourself and breaking down obstacles into smaller challenges. With enough support, you can stay clean from drugs. You can live the life you’ve always desired. For assistance, visit https://impactrecoverycenter.net/ for guidance on staying on track of your recovery.

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