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How to Pick a Suit Color for Any Occasion

Did you know that color psychology can set the mood for an event? For example, women wear white at a wedding to uphold tradition and symbolize purity.

The color of your suit will have a lasting impression too. You want to avoid faux pas at all costs and delight your partner. The same can be said about other events.

You might be torn between colors and what to choose. Well, you’re in luck! Read this guide on how to pick a suit color for any occasion.

Navy Blue Suit Colors

Whether you wear a three piece suit or not, navy is popular in North America. Since men’s fashion loves navy, there are customization options.

Add your spin to your favorite suit. If you want to fit in, navy is a solid choice.

Medium Gray Suit Styles

There’s a difference between medium and charcoal gray. Medium grays are lighter than charcoal.

It’s not as formal as navy blue or charcoal gray. Most won’t tell the difference between these suit styles, though.

Charcoal Gray Suits

Charcoal gray suits are perfect for office settings. They’re great for weddings too. Don’t wear it to casual events.

Be creative with the color you choose for ties. Try different shirt colors for a more casual look at work or events.

Black Suits

Black suits are formal, but they tend to be boring. They’re most often seen at funerals and black-tie events.

The great part about black is that it goes with most colors. Choose the shirt you pair it with carefully since you don’t want it to look too dramatic.

Staple Options

Charcoal gray, navy blue, and black are popular options. They won’t make you stand out. They’re popular for business occasions.

When selecting your suit fit and color, consider your personality, hair and eye color, skin tone, and personal preference. If you have dark hair but a fair complexion, you’ll want to choose a dark suit. Avoid lighter colors.

For darker skin tones, try on various suits until you find the perfect match. Choosing the wrong color could flush out your skin. Light-colored suits tend to look best on darker skin tones.

Consider the Rules

If you work in an office, find out their dress code. Consider what you already own before buying the same or similar suit.

For weddings, find out the attire. Lighter colors work well for casual events. Dark suits are formal. Black suits tend to be too dressy for work.

Tan might not be formal enough for work. To stand out, have a tie that matches your suit. For cocktail parties, you can wear unique colored suits.

Tips on Picking the Perfect Suit Color

After exploring this guide, you should better understand the perfect suit color. Think about your skin tone, preference, and the event that you’ll be attending.

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