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How to Reduce Frizzy Hair during Winter and Spring

Frizzy hair is often described by women as difficult to shape in any hairstyle. Your hair’s appearance is often associated with the level of hair protein and hydration, which usually comes from the ingredients and the amount of water in the hair and its formation. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners on the market that lead to frizzy hair with split ends instead of helping you grow and revive your locks. 

When you buy your natural hair care products, you must pay full attention to the ingredients because you need a healthy balance of moisture and protein to reduce frizziness and revive your hair back to its natural healthy shine. You can check out hair care with naturally-driven formulas offered by Dianella. If you want to learn more about the balance between moisture and protein, you can keep reading this article. 

The Balance between Moisture and Protein 

The absence of moisture and protein in the hair makes it look dead and gives this frizzy effect. If hair gets oversaturated with protein, it can also quickly become frizzy. That’s why balance is so important. Curls can feel dry to the touch, and hairs can get easily tangled when you run your fingers through the hair. These velcro-like curls are sticking together and a sign that your hair needs urgent care. Rarely the root of the problem could come from the hair follicle. Often it comes from the hair care routine. But don’t worry, it can get fixed.

If you oversaturate with protein, all you need to do is wash it with deep cleansing care. A deep cleansing shampoo or detox mask can do the trick. The most important thing you need to remember is to avoid shampoo, conditioner, or anything that has silicones. Some specialists give you natural hair care tips to continue to use moisturizing masks like intense hydrating masks without too much protein.


Having dehydrated hair stands inevitably leads to frizziness. When the problem is due to dehydration, it could be more difficult to get rid of it. Those flying ends and easy electrification, puffiness, and you can reduce it with regular hydration. Find natural hydration like the one from Dianella’s hair care items. Frizziness can also come from excessive moisture and a lack of protein. Of course, this is the opposite effect, in which there’s too much moisture and not enough protein. Remember that frizziness comes from disbalance. When you overwhelm hair with ingredients that moisturize it but don’t give it enough vitamins and protein can make any hair type just as unhealthy and untamable as if it lacks hydration. What you’ll notice is that it takes you more and more time to shape your dry hair, and your beautiful locks are extremely frizzy and can’t stay in one place. When hair is dry, it usually looks damp. In this case, the best thing that you can do is wash your hair with deep cleansing. Make sure that you don’t use something that includes any silicones and sulfates because they surely won’t revive your locks and definitely won’t reduce your frizziness. 

Don’t Overdo It 

Another reason for too much frizziness is the amount of product we apply to our hair. Some women want to have more and more foam and think that only foam can clean and clean their hair. That is why they apply a lot of shampoo to the hair. Our suggestion is: don’t overdo it. Maybe the amount applied to any hair type is what gives that frizzy effect and doesn’t allow your curls “to breathe.” It’s crucial to use the right balance between water, vitamins, and protein and the amount of product when washing. Some professional hairdressers use styling on wet hair while still dripping to avoid this damp look. Follow this recommendation, and you will see that it works like a charm. 

If you don’t know how much product you should use, you can get a measuring spoon to scoop the shampoo or mask. With this, you can track how much you use and experiment with different amounts. See what works best for your curls and stick to it. When seasons change, you might need to change the dosage you use. A deep moisturizing mask might be better for summer, while a deep cleansing conditioner might work better during the winter. You can check out Dianella’s natural selection and see which ones will work best for you during the different seasons. 

To Sum It Up…

If it is difficult to tame your curls and shape your hair in any hairstyle, maybe the problem is that you’re not keeping a balance between moisture and protein. There are a few ways to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Check out what kind of ingredients you’re using – the problem could be there. If you use hair care with silicones and sulfates, then it is likely that you’re getting frizziness from those ingredients.

However, if you are using natural, high-quality stuff like the selection from Dianella, maybe you are not giving enough for your hair growth the necessary balance between moisture and protein. Measure how much of the natural hair care products you are using and test different treatments. Both oversaturation of protein and too much hydration could give a frizzy effect. The best part is that this problem is easy to fix. 

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