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How you will wash your lace front wigs as a beginner

Many lace front wigs owners feel confused about the washing process of the wig. Washing a lace front wig is very simple, like full lace human hair wigs. There is no complexity in it. Our article will tell you how you can wash lace front wigs as a beginner.

Table of contents

  1. Removing wig tape or adhesive
  2. Soaking lace front wigs in a plastic container
  3. Cleaning Lace front wigs
  4. Washing the wig
  5. Washing your lace front wigs with shampoo and conditioner


1. Removing wig tape or adhesive

It is the first stage of the lace front wigs washing procedure. You can start by removing the lace front wig’s top pieces and simply removing the adhesive or wig cap. You can begin cutting by delicately touching the wig tape’s border with your fingertips.

While removing the wig tap, you need to keep a few things in mind. To begin, you must remove everything from the wig’s lace sections.

Removing wig tape will likely be tricky. In this circumstance, you may soak your wig for a few hours in adhesive remover before cutting it off. You may use a single piece of tissue paper to wash the wig tape in adhesive remover while soaking. Using toilet paper might help to stabilize your hand.

2. Soaking lace front wigs in a plastic container

It’s the next or second phase of the process. The time spent soaking varies depending on the circumstance. It depends on the kind of wig and the glues utilized.

If you use adhesives or wigs to tap on the lace areas of the wig, both of them will loosen after five to thirty minutes of washing and float to the ceiling of this solution. Since the tape strips have been reduced, they are easy to remove from the plastic container.

3. Cleaning lace front wigs

It is the third step of the washing procedure of the wig. First, you must take the lace front wigs from the adhesive removal solution and chuck them away. The wig may then be placed in the sink after that.

If you need to get rid of the wig’s lace pieces, you can use a nail brush to massage the inflated glue residue gently. The adhesive remnants will eventually evaporate after that.

You can use a teaspoon to remove any residual material from the surface areas. You need to do it by using gentle and rapid straight strokes. After cleaning the bulk of the leftover residue, You need to put the lace front wigs in the plastic container.

You should have enough solution in the plastic container to keep the lace front wig in for another two to three minutes.

4. Washing the wig

It is the fourth step of the washing procedure. First, you need to remove the solvent from the sink. It may assist if you sprayed the wig base with a lot of hand dishwashing liquid while t was still leaking with the combo.

Any residual adhesive residue will be removed if you can do this. After that, you should gently brush the wig base’s perimeter. The leftover sticky residue will slip off after doing this.

After combing it, you can wash the wig with tepid water over the wig base. You should repeat the fourth step one more time. If you haven’t seen the residue inside the wig after all of this, don’t panic. If that is the case, probably, you did not immerse it in the solution long enough.

Then, you should return to the second stage and restart the procedure after finishing this fourth step.

5. Washing your lace front wigs with shampoo and conditioner

It is the washing process’s last stage. This technique comprises rewashing the wig after it has been thoroughly washed. When washing the wig, we suggest using a mild shampoo. You can regulate the acidity of the shampoo if you use a mild shampoo.

Your lace front wigs should continuously be well-conditioned. It’s a crucial step in the procedure.  You can see that your wig is nice and clean after finishing all the prior processes. As a result, you may safely wear it again.


You can simply wash your lace front wigs very easily. You should just follow the steps mentioned above correctly. There is no complexity in the washing process of frontal lace wigs.

So, you don’t need to worry about washing your lace front wigs as a beginner.

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