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Importance of Quality in Powder Coating

Quality Powder Coating Is the key to a longer life for your furniture. Powder coating is a durable, electrostatic, dry coating that lasts for many years without the need for touch-ups. It’s perfect for furniture since it is easy to apply, durable, and maintenance-free. You need proper powder coating equipment to achieve the best quality.

Powder coatings are a class of durable coatings designed to protect various surfaces against damage. They do so by being formulated with elements that cause the coating to harden and adhere to the surface. It is environmentally friendly because there are no solvents used in the process. Also, there are almost no pollutants produced during the process.

Additionally, all the excess powder that is released during the whole process is efficiently recovered and reused or safely disposed of rather than being released into the environment.

What Are Some of the Unique Benefits of Powder Coating?

There are many benefits to powder coating that are not available in other types of surface finishing. Here are some of the unique benefits of powder coating: Durability One of the major benefits of powder coating is the durability of the finished product. A finished powder-coated product will last longer than a painted or painted and primed product. This is because powder coating is more durable than paint, paint primer, or any other finish system.

What Materials Can You Powder Coat?

Powder coating can be applied to anything that will fit inside a spray booth. Many paints can be sprayed, including interior colors for appliances, cabinets, and woodwork. It is also a good option for metal, aluminum, plastic, glass, leather, and vinyl.

Is your surface ready for powder coating?

Before you start powder coating, it is very important to prepare the surface so that it will have the best chance of adhering to the part. The parts in the powder coating process are usually made from steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, wood, etc. Surface preparation and cleaning are an integral part of the coating process. It is important to use correct surface preparation and cleaning techniques because these may affect the bonding of the metal to the surface.

The Difference Between Rusting and Corrosion

In corrosion, elements of metal like iron, copper, and aluminum oxidize and dissolve. Corrosion can occur on painted surfaces or bare steel. As a result, it damages the finish and makes it susceptible to rust. Corrosion can be caused by water, oxygen, moisture, atmospheric conditions, temperature variations, chemical reactions, and biological activity. In rust, the outer layer of steel is oxidized and reacts with water to form a crust.

Can You Powder Coat Over Rust?

Yes, if the rust is on the surface of the metal. You can remove it with sandblasting, or a chemical spray. If the rust is deeper within the metal, you will need to replace the part with new metal.

What is the best way to get rid of rust from metal?

The best way to remove rust is: Sandblast, not power wash!

Powder coating is an innovative way to protect, clean, and beautify metal surfaces. It can be applied directly on the surface or used as a primer. It is an easy-to-use process that can be done anywhere – whether at home or at work.

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