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Instagram Profile Picture Zooming Issue Resolved

Instagram to work on resolving Instagram profile picture zooming?

We all have faced the issue of not being able to zoom in on Instagram profile pictures. Viewing Instagram profile pictures in expanded size is something we all want Instagram to work on. As it is necessary for us to get a closer and better look at the profile pictures to identify accounts and brands and overcome the fear of following an impersonating account which leads to fraud. As per an article in social media today, an app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi stated in his tweet that Instagram has been working on the ability to expand a user’s profile picture. This indicates that towards a possible update in near future that we might get to expand profile pictures in Instagram app itself. He even added a visual illustration to prove his point. This news has been making headlines and users are excited to see this new feature come up to resolve their issues.

Reasons why you cannot zoom-in on Instagram profile pictures?

Instagram has billions of users registered on the app. While some profiles are public, some users prefer to keep their profile private. While you have the option to see who sees your posts and content you do not have that option for your profile picture. Instagram profile pictures and bio are publicly visible to everyone; hence Instagram takes on itself to protect the privacy of any user. Hence it locks profile pictures in small circular thumbnails for privacy issues. So you can only get a glimpse of the profile picture and not see it in its original size.

How to zoom in on Instagram profile pictures?

Instagram profile pictures cannot be zoomed in on Instagram, but there is an easy way to get an enlarged view of any user’s Instagram profile picture. This is by using third-party apps. There are many third-party apps available on chrome that help you view and download any Instagram profile picture. Some of these tools are free while some might charge a nominal fee. These tools help you open any Instagram profile picture in full zoom by simply using the username that you would enter. You use these tools to simply enter the username of the person without an @ sign in the field provided and it would fetch you the Instagram profile picture in its original size. You can even download this image.

While there are many Instagram profile picture zooming tools, the one that is the easiest, safest and highly downloaded Instagram DP zooming tool is Instazoom. The tool helps you see any Instagram profile picture in full zoom without any charge and registration. The app is easy to use and works on any and every device. You can also download Instagram profile pictures using the app.

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