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Iron Orr Fitness Services

Founded by Justin Orr after he got injured training for the Olympics, Iron Orr Fitness is dedicated to helping people get to their physical, mental and emotional goals without getting hurt. Their trainers work exceptionally hard to ensure they are constantly assessing a client’s kinetic chain, ways to keep your fitness goals maintained and preventing imbalances that can turn into injuries.

Weight loss

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to shed some pounds, consider the experts at Iron Orr Fitness. A personal trainer can help you find the best workouts, Exercises for optimal weight loss, create a meal plan for your unique needs, and keep you motivated to stick to it. They also know how to make you laugh and enjoy the process! You’ll be surprised by how much you enjoy your workouts and feel good about the results!

If a one-on-one personal training session sounds like your cup of tea, book a free consultation with a certified fitness expert. They’re always on hand to answer your questions and show you the ropes. Contact them today! They’re the experts in weight loss, muscle building, and fat burning. They can even help you devise a budget friendly, results-driven workout program. They have many locations across San Diego and can be found in most major neighborhoods. You can count on them to get you sexy and fit in no time!

Body re-composition

Body re-composition is the process of losing fat while muscle gains. This is not an easy feat, but it’s possible if you’re willing to make the commitment and work hard.

The team at Iron Orr Fitness services is proud to offer body re-composition services. This is a service that doesn’t involve bulking or cutting, but it does require the right diet and workout plan.

Unlike bulking and cutting, body re-composition requires a lot of patience and attention to detail in both nutrition and training. However, it’s a great option for people who are out of shape or who are looking to lose a significant amount of weight without a dramatic increase in body fat.

Flexibility training

Flexibility training is a great way to improve your overall fitness and performance. It reduces the risk of injury, and increases range of motion in your joints.

There are different types of flexibility exercises, such as static stretching and dynamic stretching. Static stretches are performed by holding a muscle or joint position for a period of time and are usually recommended as part of a warm-up routine before performing other parts of your workout.

Dynamic stretches involve movements that are similar to what you’ll be doing in the rest of your workout, such as jumping rope or running. They increase your muscles’ temperature and may also decrease your risk of injury.

Flexibility training can be done on its own, or as part of a larger exercise program that includes cardiorespiratory and resistance training. Regular stretching is a great addition to any fitness routine, and it can be done at home or in a private studio.

Functional training

Functional training is a type of strength training that improves your movement patterns. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a firefighter or an office worker, functional training is a great way to prepare your body for the demands of everyday life.

This style of training focuses on compound movements, which are exercises that recruit multiple muscles and joints together. Typical examples include squats and push-ups.

The benefits of functional training are many, including a better understanding of your body and greater muscle memory. It also promotes increased mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility.

In addition, functional training can prevent injuries from occurring. It can also help to strengthen your connective tissue, which includes ligaments and tendons.

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