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Is Natural Henna Bad for Your Hair?

Henna has several wonders to improve both the health of the scalp and hair. If you don’t want to use any harmful chemicals on your hair, then henna for hair is the perfect solution to color it and give it a shiny look naturally.

Henna also offers other special benefits to the hair like providing protection from hair damage, promoting hair growth, nourishing and conditioning the scalp and hair, etc. Regular use of henna can give your hair a natural shine and better volume.

However, though Henna is a natural dye for the hair, some people might wonder if it is a safe option for the hair or not. There are several myths about henna for hair that can make you believe that it is not good.

However, they are not always right. Read on look at some of those myths and the truth behind them. Keep in mind that what is discussed below is about 100% natural henna. Chemical henna is in the market as well and may have some side effects. Pure henna does not have any type of chemicals and is good for us.

Before getting into the myths, have a look at the amazing benefits of natural henna for hair.

1. Henna is good for the scalp

Henna has some amazing nourishing properties that are good for the scalp and hair. It can transform your rough and damaged hair into shiny, soft, and manageable hair. The cooling properties of henna soothe the scalp naturally and make the hair roots much stronger.

2. Henna for hair promotes hair growth

Natural henna can make the hair healthier and promotes hair growth by giving proper nourishment to the roots.

3. Stops split ends

The use of harmful chemical products can make the hair prone to split ends. The benefits of natural henna powder are twofold as it dyes the hair as well as prevents split ends without any harmful side effects.

4. Gives proper nourishment and maintains the pH balance

The nourishing ingredients of henna can relieve the sebaceous glands and maintain the oil balance of our scalp easily.

Which Henna is bad?

Black henna or as it is traditionally known as “Kali Mehendi” is actually not good for the hair and scalp, as it contains several harmful chemicals that can give you problems like scars, blisters, burns, hair fall, etc.

Myths about Henna for hair

1. Henna powder need to be kept frozen

Many people believe in the myth that henna powder needs to be kept frozen. However, it is not true, while it is in powder form, there is no need to keep it frozen, just keep it in an airtight in a dark container. Once it is made into a paste, then it is ideal to store it in the freezer.

2. Use Lemon juice to the Henna paste

Many people use lemon juice in the henna paste, thinking that it will increase the efficiency of the paste. However, you can only use lemon juice, if you want a lighter color for your hair as lemon contains properties that lighten the hair. However, if you do need a darker color, don’t use Lemon juice. Depending on your hair type, its acidic properties could damage the natural oil balance of your hair.

3. Henna makes hair brittle

This is another myth about using henna for hair. The truth is if the henna powder is 100% natural that it will nourish your hair and make it stronger and smoother.

Thus, from the points mentioned above, it can be concluded that henna for hair is really good considering that the henna is 100% natural and free of any chemicals.

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