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Orlando King Explains Geotechnical Engineering

The Earth is our most important resource, and it is important for us to take care of it. Civil engineering has a specific field called geotechnical engineering that is dedicated to the study of the Earth, its resources, and how we can best use them. Given a lot of the issues facing the planet today, it is important for everyone to understand the importance of geotechnical engineering. Orlando King is a leading professional in this area, and there are several important points about this field that everyone should keep in mind.

Building Structures, on Land and Sea

One of the most important applications of geotechnical engineering, according to Orlando King, is the construction of buildings both on land and at sea. For example, if we need to build a road that goes somewhere, we need to figure out how the land is going to be impacted. A professional in this field may take a look at the sediment’s composition, the stability of the slope, and various load-bearing aspects of bridges, and make sure the road will be safe for people to drive on while also minimizing environmental impact. If there is a platform being built in the middle of the ocean, geotechnical engineers will take a look at the ground underneath the surface of the water, analyze the tides, and make sure the platform can stand up to the stress.

Ongoing Monitoring of the Ground During the Project

Another aspect of geotechnical engineering, according to Orlando King, is the importance of keeping an eye on the ground as the project unfolds. The composition of the land could change as the project gets going, and it is important for geotechnical engineers to keep an eye on it. That way, they can verify that the design of the project will not unduly disturb the ground, which could create a major safety hazard. Therefore, geotechnical engineering is an ongoing process with every project, with safety issues being reassessed every step of the way.

Training the Next Generation of Geotechnical Engineers

Finally, Orlando King believes it is also important to focus on training the next generation of geotechnical engineers. Those who are interested in studying geotechnical engineering usually get a degree in civil engineering first. Then, they may go on to complete a master’s degree in geotechnical engineering that focuses on many of the topics discussed above. There are several major colleges and universities that offer exceptional programs focusing on geotechnical engineering, with many of the professors using some of the latest research on the planet in their lectures.

Looking to the Future of Geotechnical Engineering

Right now, more attention is being paid to the planet than ever before. According to Orlando King, it is critical for those who study geotechnical engineering to focus not only on the stability of the structures they produce, but also the impact of those structures on the environment. Only by taking care of the planet can we make sure that the structures we erect will be stable enough to stand up to the test of time. It will be interesting to see how the future of geotechnical engineering unfolds in the future.

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