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Packing Essentials for Your Dog’s Perfect Pet-cation

Does it worry you over how your precious poodle will survive during his vacation? And how your dog will behave in your absence.

Since the entire environment would come as a shock to your cuddly companion, it can make your pup anxious, but there are ways to regulate their behaviour through your packing skills.

Essentially, all your pooch needs in dog daycare is a sense of familiarity that you can pack in your puppy’s suitcase; here’s how you can do that:

What are the Necessary Items Your Dog Would Need During Boarding?

To make the transition without any separation anxiety, your poodle would need the daily care items in the travel bag like the following: 

Lovely Leash

You might have a drawer full of dog collars and leashes, but there must be one that your dog loves to wear. Ideally, you should help your poodle wear the same leash before sending it off to the facility.

You can also pick the one with the name tag to quickly identify your dog in a crowd. Many pet owners don’t want their pups mixed up with others.

Grassy off-leash play areas that your dog gets to enjoy from the moment they arrive, and there is plenty of time to make and play with like-minded friends. 

The Specific Scent

Do you know that dogs get enormously attached to the home environment?

They are accustomed to your scent and will feel hyper-anxious and frustrated when left alone. That’s why you must pack one of your old T-shirts or another piece of clothing to soothe in your absence.

The Favorite Food

Granted that you have chosen the best dog daycare facility for your precious pup, but your dog might crave the all-time favourite food in the institution. The vacation for your pet means his favourite treats.

So, don’t forget to pack the dry or canned food for your canine. Besides, it’d be helpful for the facility staff to provide better care if you’d mark the items for feeding.

The Vaccination Records

It’s always a great idea to pack the list of vaccination certificates and essential medications whenever you’re away. The documents will help the staff manage the emergency risk-free without undue delays. Additionally, it’s also a responsible behaviour for ensuring the safety of others around your pet.

The Preferred Playthings

The daycare will ensure comfort to your pet pal for when frustration overpowers. You should still provide the known items and toys which your dog usually prefers in the case of extreme irritability.

Let your dog’s caring staff know which ones are suitable for when, whether it’s the homemade chewable toy or a Bento.

Before You Start

Keep note of a few things before you start prepping for his vacation.

  • Dogs imitate the owner’s behaviour, so acting nervous during the drop off will affect his mood.
  • Caring is essential but don’t go overboard with packing every belonging for the boarding.
  • Acquaint your dog with the boarding facility first before you bid the temporary goodbye.

To Sum Up

The whole point of sending your pup to a dog daycare facility is to ensure a happy and joyous vacation time. It won’t be helpful if you rush to the institution in the middle of the night. With only a few precautions and lots of love, you can send your dog off for a fantastic boarding experience.

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