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Ipagal is one of the most famous and widely used websites for downloading movies in India. Its massive team tries to collect latest content and upload it to the website as fast as possible. There is however one drawback with Ipagal. Its users are always faced with advertisements. These advertisements are sponsored by the web site’s owner, who thus earns profit from the impressions of these ads. This is where the main difference between Ipagal and other popular download sites lies.

The good news for movie lovers is that IPagal does not contain malware or viruses. Although the site is not entirely legal, the makers have taken measures to ensure the safety of its users. It has been detected that most movie websites are operating illegally. You should install anti-virus software to protect yourself from malware. If you have the patience to wait a little while for the movie to download, you can also try IPagal. The website offers a complete list of features and benefits to its users.

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Aside from the standard movie downloads, Ipagal also offers live streaming. This option is convenient for those who do not want to download movies. It also offers trending videos, cartoon movies, tv serials, web series, episodes, and more. Users can also enjoy audio tracks, which are in the best formats. But one downside of Ipagal is that you could be banned for downloading pirated movies, so make sure you follow any guidelines regarding content on the website.

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