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Record Fortnite on PC Quickly and Securely

How to Record Fortnite on PC?

Fortnite is an ‘evergreen’ game. Fortnite is still on the best games list regardless of the better games that come out. So more and more Fortnite comes out, if you are one of them or want to To join in, then you definitely need to record gameplay videos.

There are many reasons for wanting to record Fortnite, full-time youtuber, want to record your wonderful moments, discuss game technology with like-minded friends, etc. Anyway, if you want to record Fortnite, this article is perfect for you

How to Record Fortnite on PC

Some people are used to recording with a screen recorder, and some people are used to exploring the recording step by step according to the tutorial. Everyone has different habits. Next, I will introduce you to several different ways to record Fortnite.

Record Fortnite on PC with Windows Step Recorder

Windows settings have a built-in recorder, which can help you capture the highlights of the game, but it can’t record the screen, because it does not have this function, if you are not very demanding, you can choose the screen recorder that comes with windows to gravar gameplay no PC. But it also has the advantage that you don’t have to download additional software to take up memory, or spend time looking for a screen recorder.

You can also record with Steps Recorder

The following recording steps:

Step 1: Open the step recorder and click the “Start Recording” button.

Step 2: After capturing the steps you need, click Stop, then click Save, and select the location you want to save

Step 3: Then you can find what you need right where you saved it.

Although it’s free and doesn’t need to download anything, the performance is so poor that almost no one will use it

Record Fortnite with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVIDIA is also a very famous game screen recorder. It is mainly designed for game screen recording. Apex players like this screen recorder very much.

NVIDIA does have a better reputation and better performance than other screen recorders, but it has the disadvantage that you need an NVIDIA GPU to use NVIDIA ShadowPlay. Moreover, it is sold in a bundle with NVIDIA’s graphics card, and this brand of graphics card is more expensive and not suitable for ordinary players.

And it has relatively high requirements on the configuration of the computer, so it is not the best choice in general.

Record Fortnite on PC with iTop Screen Recorder

iTop screen recorder is much cheaper than other screen recorders. It has two versions, free and paid. The free version can already meet the needs of most players. If you have higher requirements, you can choose the paid version.

It is highly adaptable to the computer version. In addition to smooth high-definition picture quality, iTop screen recorder can also combine camera and screen recording, which is very friendly to game videos.


Recording Fortnite on PC is easy if you have any of the tools we mentioned above. However, the problem is getting a good screen recorder that will give you high quality output and easy recording time.

iTop Screen Recorder is our top choice because it doesn’t delay your gameplay and you can customize it as you like before recording. There’s more on the main website. That’s why we urge you to visit it and get a chance to download the app for free.

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