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Shower Amenities That Could Change the Way You Bathe

Over the years, bathroom companies and manufacturers have enhanced the amenities that homeowners have to improve the bathing experience. While some are designed as a luxury, others are essential for those with mobility issues. Whether you’re looking for additional accessories or functional products to help accessibility, this guide will provide an insight into what your bathroom could look like from Elev8 in Sydney, NSW!

Heated Flooring

Regardless of how good the bathing experience is, it’s ruined when you climb out and contact the cold flooring. After feeling all relaxed, you’re now dancing across the bathroom just trying to get to the carpet on the other side of the bathroom door. If this is the case, it’s time to end this traumatic experience with heated flooring. Even after you leave the shower, you stay warm (this is ideal on a winter’s morning!).

Dimmer Light Switch

If you’re looking to change the way you bathe, there aren’t many better options than a dimmer switch for the lighting. When trying to relax, you probably currently have the lights on full or turn them off and use candles. While it looks romantic in the films, it’s not practical and you essentially end up sitting in the dark. With a dimmer switch, you choose your lighting and create the ambience to forget the world for a while.

Shower Seat

If mobility is an issue for you, why not install a seat into the shower? Now, you can actually shower for longer rather than limiting your showers or using only the bath. As mentioned previously, the whole industry has advanced in this area. Therefore, you no longer need an ugly shower seat that stands out to all visitors. Instead, you’ll find luxurious designs that match the rest of the decor.

Grab Rail

On a similar note, another important shower amenity comes in the shape of a grab rail. Attached to the wall, those in the shower can use the rail for stability (or for climbing in and out of the bath). Once again, it improves the shower experience and can offer independence to those who need it.

Square Ceiling Shower Head

Traditionally, shower heads have been circular and pointing at an angle. If you want to change your bathing experience this year, why not try a square shower head from the ceiling? Covering a larger surface area, you won’t believe the difference this makes to the experience. Standing under the water will be like standing under a waterfall.

Corner Wire Basket

As you know, the bathing experience is reliant on a relaxing environment. As a result, the next accessory for your bathroom is a corner wire basket. Not only do they look sleek, but they provide a place for all your shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and other products. With these products neatly tucked away, the room doesn’t look so messy and then you’ll enjoy the experience more.

Shower Head Filter

There are many ways to change the way you bathe, and this option is ideal for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. With the right shower head or shower head filter, you can increase water pressure while also reducing water usage. Using mineral and alkaline balls, the water is also cleaner and softer for your skin.


Finally, you can also renovate the whole room to accommodate a better bathing experience. Work with the right designers and they will take you through design, lighting, colors, floating vanities, grab rails, and other features to personalize the room for YOUR needs!

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