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Signs of toxic relationships

Humans are social animals, and we need social contact to flourish. It is imperative not just for our mental health, but social growth as well. No matter how you identify yourself, as an introvert or an extrovert, you do need to have social relationships. A marriage counselor Melbourne based couples have trusted for over three decades, could help you identify the signs of a toxic relationship and give you methods to create a healthy relationship.

However, just as human contact is a source of solace, it can also be a source of toxicity as well. Its impact on mental health is also just as severe.

What is a toxic relationship?

It is very important to understand what constitutes as a toxic relationship. A hallmark of it is that you feel misunderstood. Your words are distorted to mean something other than what you intended.

In a toxic relationship, you do not get support but are constantly on the giving end. Sometimes, you may also be insulted or attacked even. Toxic relationships can completely destroy your self-confidence, erode your mental peace, and jeopardize your health, requiring help from a Psychiatrist in Lahore at times even.

Signs of a toxic relationship

Complicating the situation is the fact that some people do not even recognize that their relationship is a toxic one, especially when their partner or friend is good at playing mind-games as well.

Hence, it is important to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship, or the red flags if you may. Some signs of a poisonous relationship include:

Selfish behavior

A sign that your relationship needs to be re-evaluated is when your friend, partner, or colleague is extremely selfish. They continue to impose on you and do not reciprocate. You are constantly in the role of the caregiver, never getting anything in return. Some do not even acknowledge or appreciate all that you do, such as their sense of entitlement.

Poor emotional health

The impact of a toxic relationship is likewise on your mind. Rather than feeling invigorated after hanging out with your partner or friend, you feel angry, tired, or depressed.

Worst traits make an appearance

When you surround yourself with venomous people, you are also going to get affected. When you are with them, you become mean and snide yourself. You gossip and pass curt comments about others.

Fragile conduct

Due to the volatile nature of the toxic relationship, you constantly feel on the edge. You have to be super careful about your words, lest you offend their fragile self. You spend a lot of energy trying not to say something that might hurt their dainty self-worth.

Verbal or physical abuse

Another very dangerous trait of a toxic relationship is the element of abuse. Physical abuse constitutes hitting, beating in any form, or putting one’s life in danger. The abuse may also be sexual in nature; if you are forced into sex, or forced into positions that you already said no to, is also physical abuse.

Verbal abuse can be more subtle, and thus, difficult to identify, however, it is not any less potent. Verbal abuse is composite of snide remarks, cursing, swearing.

It may also include shouting, whether it be public spaces or private ones.

A more potent form of verbal abuse is when your partner or friend is when they pick at your self-worth. They belittle your accomplishments, attribute things you never said to you, and gaslight you.

The sneaky ones have a public façade, in which they are endearing, however, it is when you retreat to your private space that they become abusive. This is their effort of discrediting you, and when you talk to others about them, they do not buy your claims.

Get help

Toxic relationships can take an extreme toll on your physical and mental health. It can be hard getting out of the relationship. Even when you do, erasing the imprint might be a difficult task. To facilitate the process of healing, it is better that you seek help from your Psychiatrist in Karachi alongside working on yourself, yourself.

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