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Tetrate, a company that specializes in modernizing cloud infrastructure for businesses, recently announced that it has raised $40 million in a Series C funding round led by Sapphire Ventures. Other investors in the round include Scale Venture Partners, NTTVC, Dell Technologies Capital, and Intel Capital, lrtrading  bringing the company’s total funding to $93 million.

Founded in 2018, Tetrate helps companies adopt cloud-native technologies, such as microservices and Kubernetes, and modernize their infrastructure to better manage and secure their applications. Its products include the Tetrate Service Bridge, a platform that connects, secures, and manages services across multiple cloud environments, and the Tetrate Istio Cloud Map, a tool that provides ifsptv a real-time view of service dependencies and relationships.

Tetrate’s technology is particularly useful for businesses that have adopted a hybrid cloud approach, where some applications are hosted on public cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, while others are run on private data centers. By providing a unified platform that can manage services across multiple environments, Tetrate enables businesses to more easily migrate their applications to the cloud and ensure that they are secure and scalable.

The company’s co-founder giveme5 and CEO, Varun Talwar, says that the Series C funding will be used to accelerate Tetrate’s growth and continue building out its platform. “We are seeing strong demand for our technology from large enterprises looking to modernize their infrastructure and adopt cloud-native technologies,” he said in a statement. “This funding will allow us to invest in our engineering and go-to-market teams, expand our product offerings, and enter new markets.”

Tetrate has already made significant strides in the cloud infrastructure market, partnering with major cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud to offer its services. The company has also attracted a number of high-profile clients, including Capital One, GE Digital, and Verizon Media.

Sapphire tv bucetas Ventures, the lead investor in the Series C round, says that it was drawn to Tetrate because of its unique approach to cloud infrastructure and its potential for growth. “Tetrate’s team has deep expertise in this space and a track record of delivering innovative solutions that solve real-world problems,” said Rajeev Dham, managing director at Sapphire Ventures. “We are excited to partner with Tetrate as it continues to scale and expand its offerings.”

As more and more businesses 123chill  migrate their applications to the cloud, the demand for cloud infrastructure solutions is only going to grow. According to a report by Gartner, the cloud infrastructure market is expected to grow to $81 billion in 2022, up from $39 billion in 2019. With its modern approach to cloud infrastructure and strong track record, Tetrate is well-positioned to capture a significant share of this market and become a major player in the cloud infrastructure space.

In conclusion, Tetrate’s recent Series C funding manytoons  round is a clear indication of the growing demand for cloud infrastructure solutions and the company’s potential for growth. With its unique approach to modernizing cloud infrastructure and strong partnerships with major cloud providers, Tetrate is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory and become a major player in the cloud infrastructure market.

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