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The 10 commandments of football betting

1o You will love football above all things

The key to getting closer to a good forecast in your bets on a betting website is always to stay well informed and know as many details as possible about the team you opt for. And for that, you must like it. Take advantage of your passion, and if it’s not football, opt for another sports bet.

2o You will not take a single bookmaker

In other words, don’t limit yourself to a single betting location and try several until you find the one that best suits your priorities when betting on football. It’s fine to stick with just one bookmaker, but opt  to add one or two more as potential alternatives.

3o Your bets will amuse you

Never forget that betting is just entertainment. And that if you also live with them, surrounded by good company and some good beers, your priority will be leisure and fun.

4o You will honor your logic

In your bets, cold mind Loyalty and faith towards your favorite team can blind you and make you believe that whoever your opponent is going to win, and this will inevitably be strongly reflected in your betting decisions. Therefore, it is better to avoid doing it for your favorite team and use objectivity! Remember: let objectivity be your guide.

5o You will not regret it

The moment you decide to bet, do it. But there is no time for regrets. That is, be patient, accept short-term losses, and do not try to recover them right away. Learn from the mistakes made and apply what you learned in your next decisions.

6o You will not commit impure acts

Which? That of entering a bookmaker and unconsciously trusting the first part of the information they offer us. You may not be aware of one of the psychological factors that can greatly influence your decision. This is what is known as the anchor or targeting effect, and it is the worst thing that can happen to us in a betting shop since the conditions of the sporting event can change as time goes by.

7o You will not risk excessively

If you have made abundant profits, withdraw them! Avoid risking it and losing everything. Do not fall into the temptation of sinning out of greed because betting generates a streak. Remember that a timely withdrawal is also a victory if you have a winning streak. The most important thing is to know when you have to withdraw the money.

8o You will not give false testimony or lie

Do not fool yourself. Set a limit of money to invest and do not exceed it under any circumstances. It is essential to decide how much money you are willing to bet beforehand with a cool mind, and whatever happens, respect your decision.

9o You will not consent to monotony and uniformity in your decisions

When it comes to winning at your bets, the best strategy is always to diversify. In this case, it is synonymous with reducing risks in your bets since if you focus on several events simultaneously, you will have more chances of winning.

10o You will not covet the goods of others

You will share hunches with your loved ones: If you are betting in a company, share your hunches if you have them, and increase the chances of winning. Remember that you are in no way playing against them.

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