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The 2022 guide to buying recruitment agency software for small businesses

Recruiting is made infinitely easier when agencies have a good recruitment agency software system. It is intended to simplify a recruiter’s job and boost a staffing firm’s business. When the right recruitment CRM is used, the small business will flourish because of all the benefits the CRM software brings.

Why to use a recruitment management system

First, let us understand how working with CRM recruitment software for small business is very beneficial.

  • Cuts down the burden of admin work
  • Helps with easy collaboration across the team
  • Promotes better talent sourcing
  • Gives a central platform to store, access data
  • Deliver efficiency and effectiveness

It is vital to understand that small staffing agencies must be organised and efficient if they want to compete for their share of business against the bigger, more established recruitment firms. This is a very competitive sector. Like in all other industries, the bigger companies always have more advantages due to the investment capital, the number of employees, experience, etc.

For smaller recruitment businesses, it is a smart move to find and buy the best recruiting software system that will integrate with the business and transform the workflow. Admin work takes up a large chunk of any recruiter’s workday. If an agency has five recruiters and at least three are spending more time on admin tasks than on other valuable tasks, then it is not an efficient or effective way to do business.

The best software for recruitment agencies also offers better ways of candidate sourcing, a comprehensive compliance checking system, streamlined communication for improved candidate experience, etc. Remote recruiting has made it necessary to have a central recruitment CRM that is cloud-based. It helps with easy and accessible storage as well as for remote work. Overall, it presents a manner of easy, simplified, efficient and effective recruiting.

What to look out for

A small recruitment agency should look out for these certain features when hunting for a good recruitment database software solution –

  • Easy job posting to save time
  • Cloud-based recruitment software for remote collaboration
  • Integration with other tech tools for increased efficiency

A CRM software that eliminates the process of tedious, time-consuming tasks is advantageous for small recruitment agencies. For such small businesses to thrive, it takes an AI-enabled tech tool that will assist in improving productivity, doing away with inconsequential activities, and introducing more effective ways of working.

While admin tasks like posting job ads, CV parsing, and candidate screening among others are all extremely important and necessary, recruiters do find it takes a big part of their day to get through such tasks. If there is a recruitment agency software solution that can step in and help recruiters get through the work quicker and easier, it is worth it to invest in such software for everyone’s benefit.  It only helps the staffing agency to produce quality work, build a positive market reputation and gain more business.

How to go about identifying the best recruitment software for small agencies

No one can deny the value of proper research. Recruiters tasked with the responsibility of finding a suitable recruitment management system must conduct a thorough market search. This will involve doing the mandatory internet research, booking free product demos, asking salespeople lots of questions, and reading user reviews.

Consider the agency’s size and then check whether the software vendors have experience serving other agencies of similar size. The type of recruiting service – temp or perm – also influences the software’s business needs.

A vendor’s quality of customer care is also highly critical. Big software vendors might offer sophisticated CRM features, but it is not always easy to get the best client support at the hour of need. And in recruitment, the work moves at a rapid pace and any hitch in the workflow affects the business. Thus, it is critical for the recruitment software partner to have a high-quality customer care system in place.

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