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The Best Place for Regional Content: Tata Play

India depicts diversity in culture, religion, languages, and ethnicity.  So, entertainment is quite naturally different in different regions of the country. Keeping everyone connected with a single entertainment medium is nothing less than a challenge.

However, Tata Sky has been providing DTH services for the past 15 years and has earned the reputation of the best DTH service provider across the country. The company, since its emergence, has been consumer-centric and successfully provided the best of content and service to its users. With its rebranding to Tata Play, the company aims to bolster its position as the most prominent content distribution provider across the country and create a seamless and connected world of entertainment.

The variety of Tata Play’s exclusive regional content caters to the specific needs of people from different regions of the country. Now, the company is focusing on accelerating the forward momentum of content distribution across masses.

Let’s understand why Tata Play is the best platform for regional content.

Tata Play: The Rebranding

Tata Play was known for its DTH services until it introduced OTT services on its platform two years back. Now the rebranding of the company aims to stretch the OTT services even more, and that’s why it has included Netflix, the largest OTT platform in the world.

Now users can access everything the Indian entertainment industry has to offer through a single platform. The new range of combo packs introduced by Tata Play will let you choose the best of DTH channels and OTT applications, and you will pay only for what you watch.

The customer service of the brand has also been tweaked a bit to the advantage of the users. From now on, there will be zero-fee service visits for all Tata Play consumers, and de-active won’t have to pay any reconnection charges for resuming their DTH connection.

Tata Play: The Best Platform for Regional Content

  • Tata Play’s Exclusive Regional Content

Tata Play offers many regional content services on its platform, out of which popular ones are as follows:

  • Tata Play Tamil Packs
  • Tata Play Malayalam Packs
  • Tata Play Marathi Packs
  • Tata Play Kannada Packs
  • Tata Play Bangla Packs
  • Tata Play Telugu Packs
  • Tata Play Punjab De Rang
  • Tata Play Gujarati Packs

These services host regional cinemas, shows, telefilms, songs, comedy shows and more. People have always been in love with these services as they can relate to them much better. Also, these services come at a very affordable rate per month.

  • Tata Play’s OTT Services: Unlimited Regional Content

The OTT apps on Tata Play’s platform host unlimited quality regional content. So, with a single combo pack subscription, you can enjoy series like Jallikattu on Prime and Bhonga on Zee5. Also, Netflix offers some out-of-the-world regional TV shows, movies and web series, which you can enjoy all day with a Tata Play Netflix Combo pack.

Tata Play’s rebranding has made regional entertainment more easily accessible to its consumers spread across the length and breadth of this country.

Wrapping Up

Not only for regional content, but Tata Play has been and will continue to be the best entertainment platform for all types of content. The relentless effort of the company to make entertainment fun, easy and convenient has surpassed our expectations from the brand. Today it has reached millions of subscribers to earn the title of the largest DTH service provider in India.

So what are you waiting for? Get a Tata Play DTH connection and set top box to enjoy the best of regional, national and international entertainment.

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